What's Hot in Ahmedabad


Nanjing is a Chinese specialty restaurant on the third floor of C.G.Square Mall, which offers a number of stir-fried, steamed, and stewed with judicious use of sauces and simple seasonings.

New Eateries In The City

Here’s a list of the 3 new eateries in Ahmedabad that are set to change our foodscape.

Lebanese Food Festival

Eat, explore and experience the myriad flavour of Lebanese cuisine as you dine amidst a picturesque ambiance.

Vincent Van Gogh

A New Way of Seeing provides an extraordinary biography of Van Gogh's life along with the treasures of Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum.

Vegetarian Recipes

The thought of eating the same old vegetarian fare might not sound too cool to meat lovers, but we have rounded up 6 vegetarian recipes from different corners of the culinary map that will redefine your notions about the herbivore way of eating.

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