Oye Hoye Pyar Ho Gaya
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  • Synopsis OHPHG is a story of two fun loving friends Sharry (Sharry Mann) and Harry (Rana Ranbir). Sharry fall... ...more
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  • User's 2.5
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Critic Review

OHPHG is a story of two fun loving friends Sharry (Sharry Mann) and Harry (Rana Ranbir). Sharry falls for Meet, who is daughter of Police Commisioner Shamsher Singh (Yograj Singh). Chamkila (Binnu Dhillon) who is also trying his chances on Meet gets envy of Sharry and tries tarnishing his image in front of Meet's family. After few failed attempts, he finally succeeds in his mission leaving Meet shattered.

Critic Review

Story is a foundation for every movie. Sadly it is very weak here. There are some serious lapses in the storyline. Aditya Sood who has written this movie has miserably failed to portray his characters in the right way. For an instance he failed to picture the lifestyle of a Police Commissioner. There are a number of errors in the movie one just simply cannot ignore. Call them in direction, costumes, locations, or even the storyline, one finds chaos everywhere. Aditya Sood's direction too was disappointing. He executed the movie poorly. There were a number of jerks in the movie. Sharry Mann is known for his songs but there was not even a single track in the movie which could match the standards he had already set. However Lal Suhe Lehnge Walie and the Holi song were still melodious. Acting is a complete new horizon for Sharry Mann and it was visible on screen. Niharika Kareer has done a fine job. The likes of Binnu Dhillon, Rana Ranbir and Sardar Sohi were wasted by the director. However Jimmy Sharma managed to leave an impression. All in All OHPHG is a major disappointment. With severe lapses in the storyline and some serious directional errors, Oye Hoye Pyar Ho Gaya is a disappointing start to Sharry Mann's acting career.

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