Attarintiki Daredi
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  • Synopsis The man is on a mission. Nothing can stop him. Not even his ego. From Milan (Italy), he flies down i... ...more
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  • User's 4
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User Review

My Rating 3.5

Decent good movie for Pavan Kalyan. Watchable movie

My Rating 3.5

Here comes the most awatied movie and was out of our expectation, super story and excellent acting. worth watching this movie.

My Rating 4

Let me answer your question straight. The story can wait. The movie is a worth watch. The reasons: Pawan Kalyans comedy, fights composed by Peter Hein, Trivikram Srinivas writing skills, Prasad Murellas cinematography, and Devi Sri Prasads music. That there is promise in the movie is a feel one gets right from the opening scenes which are dramatic. Villains who drop themselves from a helicopter on an island are thrashed by Gautham (Pawan Kalyan). They beat a hasty retreat. Gautham makes his way to the island to confront an anonymous man who was buying up shares in his grandfather Raghunandans (Bomman Irani) company. Raghunandan, who moves about on his wheel-chair has a desire. He wants that his daughter and her family to come back to him. Sunanda (Nadiya) had married Shekar (Rao Ramesh) against his wishes and parts with her father. However, Raghunandans heart still beats for her, though he had fired at Shekar with his pistol when the newly wed couple came home. Gautham assures his grandfather that he would get back Sunanda, who happens to be his aunt, back home with her family. In Hyderabad, Gautham assumes the name

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