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This specialty restaurant at JW Marriott, offers diners the best of Italian and Tuscan hospitality. Designed like an amphitheatre with a show kitchen, the ambience is quite dramatic and adds to the overall experience. One must try their Schiacciata, Tortelloni Di Anatra and Bunet Pimontese.

Walk In The Woods

Directed by Ratna Pathak Shah, this English play revolves around two diplomats who in the midst of peace talks plan to take a private stroll in the woods to try and achieve a productive insight in the befuddled negotiations between their countries.

Monsoon Cocktails

Spoil yourself at Harrys with the special monsoon cocktails this season. Experience the monsoon-inspired piping hot cocktails like Desperado, Sundown Squirrel, Witchy Woman, Mr. Fantasy and Hot Chocolate Cow.

Helga Paris Photography

The photographs are remarkably captured with emotion and sensitivity depicting life in former East Germany. This travelling exhibition comes to India from the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, to promote the international cultural exchange. Robert Paris, son of the photographer, who lives in India inaugurated the event.

Sonu Nigam Live

Catch the king of Bollywood pop music and playback singer of the 90s, Sonu Nigam performing live in the city. Starting as a child singer who shared space with his father, he has definitely come a long way that he has been in the industry.

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