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Movenpick Ice Cream Boutique

Movenpick ice cream has been famous around the world for their super-premium exquisite range of ice creams, sorbets, waffles and shakes, and additionally for their all natural process, including the flavours and colours.

Vietnamese Culinary Feast

Viet cuisine is now the in thing all over the world. As the Vietnamese style of cooking catches up and we start devouring rice paper rolls and Pho soup with penchant, Shiro presents Chef Vu Dinh Hung to Bangalore.


Gati is a slice of life play that tracks the life of a man and his granddaughter. The differences in their mindset represent the change that has come about in social values in the 60 years of independence.

Jamini Roy: Art Exhibition

Jamini Roy 1887-1972: Journey to the Roots is an art exhibition that is curated by Ms. Ella Dutta. This exhibition will showcase more than 200 art works of legendary artist Jamini Roy including, paintings and sculpture.

Sky Rabbit: Live

Sky Rabbit is a four piece electronic/alternative band based out of Mumbai. Band members Raxit Tewari (Vocals and Samples), Rahul Nadkarni (Guitar and Samples), Siddharth Shah (Bass) and Harsh Karangale (Drums) are best known for merging electronica with indie and post punk styles,

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