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High Ultra Lounge

Ultra High Lounge Bar at the Brigade Gateway stands out with its vantage position at the 30th level and promises a breathtaking view. Offering classic Pan Asian dishes with slightly modern twists, along with beverages that use contemporary mixology techniques, it is easy to conclude that this eatery is aiming for higher levels.

Theater Konnection

The Lalit Ashok brings to you the seventh edition of Theater Konnection which is a blend of a theatre experience with scrumptious dinner. The evening is an ethereal intermix between food and theatre forming a visceral connection of gourmet graze and the stage which together presents the play Mr. & Ms. Takes.

Roman Food Festival

Mezzaluna and Chef Armando Di Filippo bring to you the Grand Rome with its Roman Food Festival. Chef Armando Di Filippo and his team of chefs invite you to experience Rome through food that is fresh, simple and prepared with genuine passion, aspects which are hallmark to Roman cuisine.

Andreas Volwahsen

Volwahsen is chiefly celebrated as an architectural historian, however, this exhibition focuses on his photography. The photographs in this exhibition, originally taken to illustrate Volwahsen's first two academic books, Living Architecture: Islamic India and Living Architecture: India.

Sonu Nigam Live

The king of Bollywood pop music and playback singer of the 90s, Sonu Nigam is performing live in the city. Starting as a child singer who shared space with his father, he has definitely come a long way that he has been in the industry.

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