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A well-designed space on the first floor of this delightful hotel that has taken the city by storm, Oregano has an open kitchen, and is presided over by an Italian chef. The upshot is that you will be offered a small menu, but one that is changed frequently.

Queen Of Montreuil

Directed by Solveig Anspach, Queen of Montreuil is a 2012 comedy film. It was early summer when Agathe is back in France, at home in Montreuil. She has to get over her the death of her husband. The unexpected arrival at her house of a couple of Icelanders, a sea lion and a neighbour that she has always desired yet never vanquished will give Agathe the strength to get her life back on track.

No-Cook Breakfast Recipes

To save you from the boredom of cooking on the stove or popping leftovers in the microwave, we bring you some interesting no-cook recipes for breakfast that will help you whip up fresh, tasty and quick items in minutes, all while also providing you with the right nutrients to kick-start your day.

Time Machine

Time Machine is an attempt by george Emmanual in developing empathy with the renowned painter Vincent Van Gogh. The exhibition is a blend of comic and caricature with the distortion of the former and the lines of the latter. On the whole, it is a true digital innovation.

Anne Paceo Live

Alliance Francasis in collaboration with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations presents Anne Paceo, French Jazz drummer. At just 28 years of age, Anne Paceo played in more than 34 different countries. This year she will be accompanied by Leonardo Montana on piano, Stephane Kerecki on double Bass, Pierre Perchaud on electric guitar and Antonin Tri Hoang on Sax and Clarinette Basse.

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