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Screens are an architectural feature of this elegant restaurant, which also serve to ensure a modicum of privacy. Do try the Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Lobster and Palak Patta Chaat.


Punjab Kala Bhawan is hosting an art exhibition displaying the works by Hemant Malhotra, an eminent artist from the city. The exhibition will showcase 50 paintings in oils and acrylic that cover abstracts of reality and which evoke different images in the mind of the viewer.


Aautofiesta comes to the town which will interest the automobile enthusiasts. The event will see display of some of the best automotives, bike stunt show which will feature some of the daredevil stunts on the mean machine; band performances on the lorry giving you a unique experience; workshop and competition where you will have to ideate and design the automobiles and lot more.

Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin, the big fat orange vegetable from the gourd family is mostly associated with American festivals like Halloween and Thanksgiving (remember, the traditional pumpkin pie) and is believed to have emerged in the veggie clan around 5,500 BC in Mexico. In 2014, it may not entice many diners, but with some really amazing chef-twisted recipes, it will definitely find a sweet spot on your winter dinner table.

Parikrama Live

Parikrama, one of the most popular bands on the music circuit of the nation will be performing live at F Bar and Lounge. The band members are Nitin Malik as lead vocalist, Sonam Sherpa on lead guitar, Saurabh Choudhary on guitar, Subir Malik on synthesizer, Gaurav Balani on bass guitar and Srijan Mahajan on drums.

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