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in Koyambedu, Chennai
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Critic´s Review

  • Food: 4 / 5
  • Service: 4 / 5
  • Decor: 3 / 5

-By Ameeta Agnihotri

The Kentucky Fried Chicken counter at the Citi Centre is one of the busiest outlets within the food court. No matter how busy the staff at KFC is always pleasant and fast, another one of its secret ingredients and then there’s the packaging. Taking your tray away in which each one of the items has been so artfully placed is in itself a lesson in organising your greed. After that it’s just a question of licking your fingers. KFC is King.

  • Food: 4 5
  • Service: 4
  • Decor: 3.5

Review posted within last 6 month

I took my first bite of KFC's finger-lickin' good chicken (which is "so good" now, I don't know why) at this very spot!! It was love-at-first-bite!!
A really spacious parking area especially for two wheelers. Wonderful service but sometimes they are stingy with the ketchup packets and tissues. A spacious upper floor dining area with cute booths and wonderful panel work as in all KFCs. A fun place to hang out with ur friends with a bucket of chicken.
Coming to the food, The broasted chicken here is out-of-the-world good. The most succulent meat and perfect blend of dough and fried to perfection. Amazing!! The Original recipe, although a run-away hit abroad tastes too similar to our Indian style with the spices and so have now been replaced with fiery-grilled chicken which although delicious still doesn't stand up to the broasted delicacy. Maybe for those who want spicy chicken can opt for that.
The Zinger burgers... mwaaaahh.. second best burgers after McD's McChicken burger. Please do not compare it to McD's spicy chicken burger. KFC beats it by a mile although their bread could be a bit more soft. But still the mayonnaise, lettuce, fried chicken and bread with a bit of ketchup makes it "un-put-downable".
Fries.. Not as good as McD's but good enough.
I have heard the Krushers to be really good but I come here only for the chicken so i always skip the Krushers n opt for a cup of pepsi. But dont cheap out on the Krushers cos the cheaper ones are really bad. my friend bought a Virgin Mojito once and I tasted it. It was just chilled water with some flavour added.
Rizo with popcorn chicken. IMO avoid it. As if we dont have enough rice at home. Its just ghee rice and not tat good too. It just fills u up and u wont even be able to enjoy the chicken.
Popcorn chicken - Best snack but I prefer to eat my chicken with bone n not as cute balls.
Their 25 rs menu leaves much to be desired. McD easily beats them in that section.
Bottom line - Come here for the chicken and leave satisfied. It definitely is Finger-lickin'good!!!

  • Food: 4 5
  • Service: 3.5
  • Decor: 3.5

Review posted within last 6 month

KFC caters to the city's fondness for deep-fried chicken. Their most popular offering is the mildly spicy Hot and Crispy, which can be eaten as part of a gargantuan Chicken Bucket or in a burger. All their chicken-filled burgers feature either a joint of Hot & Crispy or Original Recipe along with lettuce and mayo. In deference to the Indian market, they even have a Vegetarian Thali, a Chana Snacker and even Veg Strips with Salsa! Non-vegetarians can go for the Chicken Thali, which includes Makhni Curry and Vegetable Pulao, in addition to a mandatory piece of Fried Chicken. The signatures are Colonel Chicken Burger and Zinger Burger. High-cal zone, but no one seems to be complaining in the world of Chicken Twisters and Krushers! And now KFC has launched the all-new Dips Bucket, a bucketful of crispy, boneless chicken strips served with four amazing dips. Innovation is what KFC is all about.

KFC is a Fast Food Restaurant best known for Fast Food food and is located at 239, Ground Floor, Jawaharlal Nehru Salai, Koyambedu, Chennai, 600107. KFC (Fast Food Restaurant) also serves American, Desserts and Snacks. Get reviews, Rating, Menu and Address of KFC Fast Food Restaurant at Timescity. KFC offers facilities such as Home Delivery.

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