Rio 2 - 3D
  • Released
  • Synopsis Blu (Eisenberg), Jewel (Hathaway) and their kids find out that there are other birds just like them ... ...more
  • Critic's 3.5
  • User's 4
  • My Rating ---

User Review

My Rating 5


My Rating 4

Awesome movie...

My Rating 2

The sad part is that Rio was a really fun film and it would have stayed that way if one hadnt watched Rio 2, because now that I know the extension to that story, its a little bit difficult to like the first one as well as I did before watching the second one. Strictly confined within the box and The Formula, Rio 2 might be the Ram-Leela of animation/Hollywood when it comes to visuals but as far as childrens films go, it remains less innovative.

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