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in Hauz Khas, Delhi NCR
  • Call: (+91) 11 46080533, (+91) 11 46080544, (+91) 9899383899
  • Address:
    • 31, Hauz Khas Village, Hauz Khas, Delhi NCR, 110016
    • Landmark: Near Art Elements Gallery
  • Best Known for: American - View Menu
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Critic´s Review

  • Food: 2.5 / 5
  • Service: 2.5 / 5
  • Decor: 3.5 / 5

-By Marryam H Reshii

The Living Room, also known by the moniker TLR, is seriously alternative. It started out as a restaurant with charmingly mismatched furniture, but has since become a club for non-commercial musicians to jam. On performance nights, the people that you'll see here look like exotic birds of paradise. The interiors look effortlessly put together and the tables and chairs are all mismatched. It looks like someone's Living Room, and you can stay for as long as you like, sipping their addictive smoothies (try the Guava and Yoghurt), using the free wi-fi and treating the place as you would your own Living Room. One wishes the food and service matched the place. Alas! The menu is regular restaurant fare, somewhat out of place in the surroundings. Still, it gets its patrons because of the music rather than the food.rnrnBar ReviewrnrnBuzz: 3.5 / 5 Service: 0 / 5 Decor: 3 / 5rnrn-By Deepali GuptarnrnA haunt for all things cool, eclectic and indie - The Living Room Cafe or TLR is really like gate crashing a party in someone's living room. One of the original spots that heralded the revival of the village, TLR might be spread over two and a half floors (the half being the terrace), but it manages to retain the intimate vibe of a much smaller space. A recent facelift has upgraded their decor, though the changes are lost on regulars who flock here on gig nights with people spilling onto the balconies and strangers rubbing shoulders as they try to juggle their drinks. TLR is where you go to become part of a crowd that chugs, laughs and dances to a collective beat - either being churned out from a DJ console or being crooned by a band. In cocktails, the Rum Punch served in an Old Monk bottle is a fun order for the table, while the Dirty Diana and Mojitos are popular and the Sangria completely avoidable. They also stock a range of gourmet beers. In eats, try the Mushroom Duplex and Grilled Prawns. Playing everything from reggae to jazz, blues to folk - every night at TLR is a new experience.

TLR Cafe
  • Food: 3 5
  • Service: 4
  • Decor: 3.5

Review posted more than a year ago

As much as being in Hauz Khas Village somewhere gives you a feeling that you're not in Delhi, in-spite of being right there, in a similar fashion, being in The Living Room Cafe would make you feel that you're not in just any other restaurant, but somewhere different. After all, there aren't many places in Delhi that sport gramophones with orange interiors and yet manage to make you a repeat visitor...!!

Start walking up the stairs and you'll be greeted by small little pebbles that form the entry bed to the main door of the cafe. Once inside, what strikes you in an extremely catchy yet subtle way, would be a mix of white, bright orange and purple interiors, and a central staircase that gives this place a unique style statement.

Starting with the TLR blends is a good way to quench your thirst. We ordered the 'honey dew' and the 'pompom'. Former one being a refreshingly different twist to the legendary fresh lime soda, and the latter essentially a mock-tail of apple and pomegranate. Starters are fairly contemporary and if you're a fan of salsa n chicken pairing, make sure you try the 'hari om pollo'.

Mains are sumptuous and delicious. We ordered the 'pollo cilantro' wherein the marination on that perfectly cooked chicken was absolutely spot on. What took the dish to a completely different level were those roasted green veggies and the spanish styled baby potatoes. A big thumbs up to the mint and coriander dip that accompanies this dish. And last but definitely not the least, make sure you try the 'chocolate pillows' if you're left with any space for desserts.

Good food, pleasant atmosphere and a very courteous staff make TLR a sure shot place to visit..!!

Favorite Dishes / Drinks: Hari Om Pollo

TLR Cafe
  • Food: 3 5
  • Service: 3
  • Decor: 4

Review posted more than a year ago

I am in love with the ambiance of TLR Café. The low wooden chairs, tables, treasure box and gramophone. Woooh!! It looks amazing to sit there and have coffee and some food. They have an amazing menu, read it and you will find everything different. But food is not good. I love visiting the place just for its ambiance. Even the service is friendly, waiters are polite and prompt. You don’t need to wait for anything. The caprese salad is fine and cheesy parcels are oily, but really flavorsome. Overall a nice place to have some fun.

TLR Cafe is a American Restaurant best known for American food and is located at 31, Hauz Khas Village, Hauz Khas, Delhi NCR, 110016. TLR Cafe (American Restaurant) also serves European/Continental and Italian. Get reviews, Rating, Menu and Address of TLR Cafe American Restaurant at Timescity. TLR Cafe offers facilities such as Home Delivery.

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