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  • Food: 4.5 5
  • Service: 4.5
  • Decor: 4.5

Review posted within last 6 month

Basis my last experience which was outstanding, my wife planned a surprise brunch here ate Aanch. Though we were looking forward to sitting at the terrace to soak in the bright sunlight, we were in for a disappointment as the terrace was being prepared for a party in the night. The consolation was that it didn't have direct sunlight, so we chose to sat in the only open restaurant that time which was Aanch.
The first thing we wanted was Eggs, so we ordered Sunny Side Up, we checked if they included Bread Toasts in that and the waiter said a yes. But when we got them, there weren't any toasts and now the other waiter denied toasts being included. Priced at 175 bucks and that too without toasts, it was damn expensive then. However, irrespective of anything, it was almost perfect and damn delicious.
Now, the best part of having lunch here is their combos. When we entered, it was all empty and within 30 minutes, it was almost full. Drinks were 1+1 and are priced as per market standards. Beer pint was 175.
We then ordered a combo in which we chose a Chicken Grilled Sandwich, Chicken Burger, 2 Veg Soups, 2 soft drinks and 2 desserts and all this at a price of 449 only, now that's what you call a damn good price.
The sandwiches are just amazing, forget Costa, forget Barista and forget CCD, these are called the real Grilled Sandwiches. They are 4 moderately sized pieces, so that's a real good portion. The Burger, which I was looking forward to, was the first disappointment I have had at Aanch as far as the food goes. It was bad. The patty was very hard, so was the burger bun.
Everything is served with fries, so you get an added item. In soups we had Mushroom soup and Tomato and Basil and both of them are good. A small advise though, they should include Chicken soup options, they can increase the price accordingly but you got to do that.
We chose ice cream in desserts, though there was one more option. In all, again a good experience. Just the bad burger gives it half a point less this time.
Another advise - You really need to clean your sofas, there was dust all over them especially at the top, it is not expected out of such a nice place like this.

Favorite Dishes / Drinks: Chicken Sandwich

  • Food: 5 5
  • Service: 5
  • Decor: 5

Review posted more than 6 month ago

The occasion was Karva Chauth, so I had no option to go wrong. After endless searches on Zomato, I finally decided on Aanch since I liked the pictures and it was near my home. And I couldn't have asked for more.
It has several restaurants under one place ( they have different ambiance and you can chose one depending on your mood, so you have a fine dining, a lounge, a bar, a private room for small family gatherings and the beautiful terrace which has huts as well as open tables, though the menu remains the same and is multi cuisine ). We chose to sit on the terrace ( open tables ) as the weather was amazing.
I had already planned to start with a Pizza, so we chose the BBQ Chicken Pizza. It came with a perfect presentation on the BBQ plate, thin crust and was truly BBQ with a base of BBQ sauce ( which most of the places miss and go for the regular tomato ketchup ).
Next thing on my mind was the Pasta, so we chose the Spaghetti All'aglio Olio E Peperoncino. I know it's hard to pronounce, I didn't even do that, just called the guy and showed it in the menu. However, the taste of the Pasta was really smooth and delicious. Served with garlic Bread, it rocked.
In the meantime, I saw one of the guys serve Chilly Chicken to another customer and it looked really good. So the next thing we ordered was Chicken Sweet Corn Soup along with Chilly Chicken and it really tasted as it looked, AWESOME.
We were stuffed by now,w till wanted to spend some more time as everything was just perfect. They have a Bar which is decent in terms of pricing and they also serve Hukka which is damn good and cheap, the single one costs just 350 bucks, so I had been spending time with that. Music was played as per the occasion which was romantic, so again everything was perfect.
Coming back to the food, now our eyes were set on Mutton Biryani ( yes, we ordered that, just 2 people and mind me we are not fat and I doubt if anyone can have a look and imagine we could eat that much ). They ask you if you would prefer curd or gravy with the Biryani, we always prefer Curd. Then you are given a choice in that as well ( I have never seen that in so many restaurants I have had Biryani ) which was Pineapple Raita or Mix Raita. So we opted for the Pineapple Raita.
The Biryani also was just brilliant, mutton was very soft and juicy ( which is rare and the reason I don't prefer Mutton outside ) and the Pineapple Raita was perfect.
Finally we decided to leave, The bill was 3.5 grands which was really fine after the time I had spent there, 3.5 hours.

Favorite Dishes / Drinks: BBQ Chicken Pizza, Spaghetti All'aglio Olio E Peperoncino, Mutton Biryani

  • Food: 3.5 5
  • Service: 2
  • Decor: 2

Review posted more than 6 month ago

Aanch is located on the top floor of Shopper Stop and It's advisable to park you car in the complex only which I would explain later on . As you walk through the mall and go to the top floor you see 3 to 5 rooms all ready to serve small parties and they where all booked . They even have a hooka place name kaash , as you enter their Restaurant you would notice it's a small place which could only cater max of 50 people .

Ambiance - The Ambiance of the place is dull lightening with golden and red color theme with a glass wall for the tandoor . The seats where comfortable and spacious and table where made in the right order . You could hear 2 to 3 different kind of music from parties going on in the same floor which for me is not good if you want to have a peaceful meal and talk over the meal to your beloved ones .AVERAGE

Food - The Mock-tails are good and Fruit punch is good option to go for . The Glasses in which they serve their beer , Whiskey were also appropriate and yes it matters in what kind of glass you having your beverage as it effects the taste of the beverage as well .

Starters - Fish was good and fresh , and so was the chicken . The mutton seek was a little dry and did not suited my palate . Dahi ke kebab was not that great , not was chap . Mushroom and Paneer Tikka was fresh and rightly marinated . They also only served on chutney with the starters which is not expected with a place like this.

Main course- The Kung Pao chicken was filled with cashew was a good . The Butter chicken was also good and tasted nice . Mix vegetable was nice . Dal was not good it was too thin .

Dessert - Phirni it was not phirni it was just cold kheer served in small clay pot

3.5/5 Above average

SERVICE - The service was extremely poor and late . The servers where friendly but they are understaffed . They crumbled under a full house 3/5

VALUE FOR MONEY - Rajourie is a very competitive market and these prices are high for dine but nice for small parties 3.4/5

Over all Opinion - This place is good for small get together and parties . not preferred for dine it

For the parking advice as in the night they close the mall and lift takes you to L1 so it's better to park your car in the complex parking

Aanch is a North Indian Restaurant best known for North Indian food and is located at Shoppers Stop Mall, 4th Floor Terrace, Rajouri Garden, Delhi NCR, 110027. Aanch (North Indian Restaurant) also serves Chinese, European/Continental, Mughlai and Seafood. Get reviews, Rating, Menu and Address of Aanch North Indian Restaurant at Timescity.

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