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Namche Bazaar is permanently closed.
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Critic´s Review

  • Food: 2.5 / 5
  • Service: 3 / 5
  • Decor: 3 / 5

-By Marryam H Reshii

The jumping-off point, as it were, for treks around the Everest region of Nepal and the village where many Sherpas hail from, the original Namche Bazar lies at an altitude of 11,000 feet. The restaurant in Gurgaon, by comparison, is nowhere at the same altitude, but the interiors are so convivial that you will not have the slightest difficulty believing that you are halfway up Mount Everest, with the rough walls and the clever architecture of the restaurant. The atmosphere, sadly, is the best thing about the restaurant. The food falls woefully short. Indeed, the food and the interiors do not even try to match each other. The entire menu is standard-issue North Indian (Green Pea Shami Kebabs are a good idea, well executed). The problem is with the mutton. Both the starter and the curry we ordered featured meat that was long past its sell-by date. Is it a regular feature? One hopes not.

Namche Bazaar
  • Food: 3 5
  • Service: 3
  • Decor: 4

Review posted more than a year ago

If you wish to lounge around, sip wine and enjoy some good snacks with awesome Sufi music in the background, this is the place to be. However when I chose this place for lunch with colleagues, we didn't seem to enjoy it too much. Seating is a bit uncomfortable when you are there with hungry stomachs. Buffet is what we tried, but weren't too happy with the spread. Vegetarian dishes have an edge over non veg. Dal Lukhnowi was worth praising and pan ice cream with gulkand in it was truly a delight.

Favorite Dishes / Drinks: Dal Lukhnowi

Namche Bazaar
  • Food: 4 5
  • Service: 3.5
  • Decor: 4

Review posted more than a year ago

Namche Bazaar – my friend and I thought the name was odd but had to hunt for the place on the third floor at the Global Foyer Building on Golf Course Road Gurgaon before we managed to find the restaurant on the first floor.

Dim lights lit up the exterior of the restaurant and there was no host available at the gate. Inside the restaurant, only two tables were occupied – one by two office executives and the other by two young ladies. The tables were well equipped, and the seats comfortable. Statuettes of the Buddha, prayer wheels and other Buddhist artefacts were displayed at the entrance. The cubicles looked well-designed and cosy. The restaurant also sported LCD projectors for entertainment.

The overall ambience at the restaurant was good except for the fact that the music sounded a tad too loud. The table looked well-equipped with clean cutlery and condiments in place. In line with the theme of the restaurant was the menu card with its first page showing the map of the Himalayan region with specifically highlighting Namche Baazar in Nepal? Both of us being vegetarians, we decided to check out the recommendations by the steward. He recommended for us the Paneer Lababdaar and the Namche Daal, which he told us were their speciality dishes. We ordered one serving each of Paneer Labaabdaar (INR 325), Namche Daal (INR 250) and Pineapple Raita (INR 150) with Laccha Parathas (INR 85), Pudina Parathas (INR 85) and Garlic Naans (INR 75). The serving sizes of each dish were sufficient for each of us - neither too sparing nor too generous. The food, served hot, had mild and delicate flavours. We were particularly satisfied with the Namche Daal and Pineapple Raita.

The Dal had a mild, smoky flavour to it that’s typical of Dum cooking, and was topped off with generous dollops of cream. The herbs were mildly discernible - garlic, ginger and green chillies, et al. Parathas and Naans were crisp and melted well in the mouth. Pineapples lent the Raita a tinge of sweetness and blended well with the yogurt, but did better with a sprinkling of Chat Masala in it. The paneer cubes floated in aromatic and spicy gravy set off with sautéed onions. The Paneer Labaabdaar is highly recommended.

Customer service was more than satisfactory and we were duly offered a 20% corporate discount on the bill. Both the food and the ambience could well be rated far above average, and we would consider a repeat visit for sure. We thought, though, that the name of the restaurant is a mismatch, the restaurant being located on the first floor and not the top floor. The real Namche Bazaar stands at an altitude of 11,286 ft in Nepal within the Khumbu area! But all in all, our meal for two was a good dining experience, and we would look forward to visits in future.

Favorite Dishes / Drinks: Namche Daal

Namche Bazaar
  • Food: 4 5
  • Service: 3
  • Decor: 4

Review posted more than a year ago

Can't simply summerize my experience in few words. The food is awesome and so is the decor...simply loved it. The typical music played here gives you gooze bumps.....Namche surely revives the feeling "Be India buy Indian, so If you love the typical indian food, can't afford to miss on Namche Bazaar. The makhanwala paneer, dal namche, butter naan is awesome. Not to miss is the Paan.

So park yourself at Namche Bazaar for the best Indian food in town.... Awaiting the buffet launch !!

Favorite Dishes / Drinks: Paneer Makhanwala, Bharwa bhindi, Dal Namche

Namche Bazaar is a North Indian Restaurant best known for North Indian food and is located at Global Foyer Mall, 21-22, 1st Floor, Golf Course Road, Sector 43, Gurgaon, 122009. Namche Bazaar (North Indian Restaurant) also serves Drinks, European/Continental and Snacks. Get reviews, Rating, Menu and Address of Namche Bazaar North Indian Restaurant at Timescity. Namche Bazaar offers facilities such as Buffet.

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