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There is something about Dakshin, which invariably contributes to a fine-dining experience, even though the ambience has seen no makeover, in the last couple of years. The table linen is the same, brass lamps remain, and thankfully, the friendly stewards also remain! Last, but surely not the least, the food, still served on banana-leaf covered brass plates, maintains its benchmark standards, set up by former executive chef Chalapathi Rau, to represent the best culinary traditions of the four southern states. Whether you choose a la carte or the thali (vegetarian, non-vegetarian and sea food), you will be first served hot and spicy Andhra rasam and, from the live dosa counter, hot, crisp (and delicious!) sweet banana dosas, mini uttapams and paniyarrams, with a host of fresh chutneys, ginger, coconut, beetroot and tamarind. Appams with vegetable, lamb or chicken stew are a popular a la carte staple. Vegetarian signature dishes include Urulai (potato) Roast, Mokka Jonna Vada, (corn kernel patties), Moova Vankai, (a slightly different take on the Andhra stuffed brinjal delight, Gutti Vankaya with a sesame and nuts filling), Tomato Pappu (Andhra dal delight) and Avial. Chapa Vepudu, (fried freshwater fish), Gongura Mamsam, Kothmiri Kodi (chicken simmered in a green masala gravy), Andhra Kodi (chicken) Pulao are non-vegetarian bestsellers. The thali option, besides being total value for money, does justice to Dakshin's varied repertoire. Vasantha Neer, (tender coconut water spiked with lime juice, honey, and mint) and Neermore (buttermilk tempered with green chillies, ginger and coriander leaves), are two great in-house drinks you can savour with the cuisine here. For desserts, do keep space for Elaneer Payasam, a Kerala speciality of tender coconut milk simmered with fresh coconut kernels.

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This stylish North Italian restaurant at Park Hyatt is all set to create a new benchmark for fine dining in Hyderabad. The plush ambience, begins with the bar at the entrance, with its eight ceiling-high temperature-controlled wine cabinets, storing vintage selections, primarily from Italy. The restaurant derives its name from its three live ovens, one for pizzas, breads and cold cuts, the second for grills, and the third for pastas. The laser-cut hand-crafted tiles on the ceiling, leather sofas, steel grey-brown-lavender hues, add to the luxe effect. There is a terrace sit-out, as well as a private dining room. Chef Matteo is North Italian, so expect authenticity. The pastas and pizza bases are hand-made, in-house, with flour imported from Italy. The menu has anti pasti platters, pizzas, pastas, risottos, grills, and desserts. For starters, antipasti platter Verdure E Fromaggi, an assorted grilled vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, artichokes, olives, capers, pickled garlic and red chilli), and Italian cheese, (taleggio, granna , mozzarella, parmesan) is very wholesome. For seafood lovers, Fritto Misto (deep-fried sea food, like prawns, scallops, soft shell crab, squid and octopus), is delightfully crisp outside and soft inside. In pizzas, thin-crust Pepperoni and Fornarina (mozzarella, grilled veggies and scamorza cheese) are excellent. In pastas, Tortelloni Di Melanze, (stuffed with eggplant, butter and sage), with a pesto dressing, Asparagus Risotto with Prawn, are good. Perfectly-grilled betki fish fillets simmered in a saffron and bouillabaisse sauce is a masterpiece. The Lemon Basil sorbet, with its distinct (and yet subtle) aftertaste of the delicate flavour of basil, Tiramisu and chocolate souffle (with vanilla ice cream), make for delightful endings to a splendid meal.

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Nightlife Review

Buzz: 4/5 | Décor: 4.5/5

-By Swati Sucharita

This tres elegant bar, adjacent to the North Italian speciality restaurant Treforni, at Park Hyatt, has had a couple of value-additions, recently, notable of which are Canadian jazz singer Kate Bowen, regaling diners with her mesmerizing voice in the evenings, and a Blue Hour slot, offering a 50 percent discount on all drinks.


The plush leather sofa seating, exquisite laser-cut handcrafted stone tiles on the ceiling, the lamps on the top of the bar unit contribute to a luxe, hushed ambience. The eight temperature-controlled floor to ceiling wine cellars, cheese and dessert counter, as well as a cigar counter, besides the well-stocked bar, contribute to upping the gastronomic quotient.


On the menu is an extensive list of aperitifs, cocktails and wines from Italy’s finest vineyards, and food to go with the drink, mostly of the Italian finger food genre. House specials include Bellini Martini (gin and brandy with vermouth and peach puree), the superb Peach Bellini (peach puree topped with Prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine), Vesper Martini (gin & vodka with vermouth) and Negroni (for the stronger of spirit, Campari with gin and vermouth). Their signature drink, of course, has to be the home-made Limoncello, (Rs 600) an Italian lemon liqueur. Lemon peel or zest (without the white pith) is steeped in grain spirit or vodka at room temperature for a period of time, cooked and diluted with water and sugar syrup and there you go! Its lemony-fresh and spirited in a lovely light way, and is traditionally served chilled as an after-dinner digestive; also works well as a palate-cleanser. You may have it as it is or as the delectable Lemontini, limoncello with vodka. In food selections, Gamberoni alla aglio(garlic butter prawn, Rs 300) and Fritto Di Calamari make for delish company, and so does the sinfully cheesy Arancini, saffron rice breadcrumbs stuffed with cheese and green peas (Rs 200). There are also ‘assortimento’ platters of cold cuts, bruschettas, and marinated vegetables. And for more substantial as well as gourmet fare, of course, there is always the adjoining restaurant, where you may want to try ‘foie gras’, pappardelle pasta with duck ragu and finish on the tiramisu and scrumptious sorbetti (lemon and basil being one of the best!)

Plus & Minus

It is a great place for unwinding over your drink and being able to have a conversation, thanks to its civilized decibel levels. The piano accompaniment by Lenny Heredia provides the right gentle notes to Kate’s charming background score. The Blue Hour between 7 and 9 pm offers a whopping 50 percent discount on all drinks, wine, beer or other liquor!

Must Try

Limoncello, Peach Bellini,Lemontini, Gamberoni alla aglio, Fritto Di Calamari, Arancini.

Summing up

Nurse your Italian wines and liqueurs in an elegant ambience.

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