What's Hot in Jaipur

Pizza Republic

Pizza Republic is among the newly set up eating joints in Jaipur, which has a temptingly attractive spread of pizzas that manage to draw pizza lovers to their small basement level pizzeria.

Pat Chapman Grill

This October, Barbeque Nation has partnered with UKs Curry King Pat Chapman. The restaurant will be introducing Pat Chapmans 14 new marinades to the menu.

Floral Treat

Mool Foundation brings to you a painting exhibition by artist Surbhi Soni. The exhibition will showcase her works on different flowers. The artist is known for her contemporary work in both oil and acrylic medium.

La Dolce Vita

Jaipur Bar Palladio in collaboration with the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre present a film based on gossip journalist Marcello Rubini and her life, La Dolce Vita.

Simple Konkani Recipes

Normally, people think Goa and picture beaches, beer, and parties. To a real connoisseur though, Goa only means fish! No one really understands why the average Goan prefers to stay home for lunch rather than go out and binge at restaurants. Well, we tell you why along with let you in on a few simple recipes!

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