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Wassup has been different from the word go. The entire restaurant has drawn inspiration from nature greenery, water, wood combined with informal seating. The food here offers you a little of everything there is Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Italian and Continental. Wassup scores for its decor, location, food and quality.

Jaipur Shopping Festival

Jaipur Shopping Festival, a platform promoting the culture and spirit of the pink city, will feature different music and theatre events for the upcoming festive season.

EDM Saturday

Orca Black presents EDM bash for the weekend with an opening act by DJ Tarun and guest DJ Irfan. Supporting them will be the in-house DJs Maddy and Nikki.

Dimsum Food Festival

Marky Momos, the Chinese and seafood restaurant, is organising a 15-days Dimsum Food Festival. They will be serving a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Dimsums.

5 Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Diet is a dreaded word with too many negative connotations associated around it. We always tell you to go out and eat, but that does not mean we do not give our system a break once in a while. This article is based on our own need to understand the different lifestyle choices available out there. These are not just aimed at weight loss, but are meant to affect all aspects of your being.

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