What's Hot in Jaipur

Pizza Republic

Pizza Republic is among the newly set up eating joints in Jaipur, which has a temptingly attractive spread of pizzas that manage to draw pizza lovers to their small basement level pizzeria.

The Art Of Plating

As soon as the food arrives on your table, the first thing we do is savour it with our eyes. For any good chef, the art of arranging each component of a dish on a carefully selected dishware is an integral part, but we can use some of their lessons at home to make even boring every day fare look exciting.

Unbelievablish By Vir Das

Vir Das comes to the pink city at B M Birla Auditorium to tickle your funny bone. His Unbelievablish is all about the instances that he wants the audience to believe happened in his life.

Electronic Mantra

Have a fantastic weekend at Duplay with some electronic in the house. Performing live for the evening will be Zenith, the music project churning some of the fresh mixes. Supporting the performance will be DJ Chetan Nowlakha, Saahil Arya, Ashu and Vaibhav.

Colours In Your Food

When it comes to food, hues play a major role in giving us a visual treat. While we all hear we should include more green in our diet, here are a few facts that will make you take your food colours seriously.

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