What's Hot in Jaipur

Pizza Republic

Pizza Republic is among the newly set up eating joints in Jaipur, which has a temptingly attractive spread of pizzas that manage to draw pizza lovers to their small basement level pizzeria.

Art And Design Exhibition

Mool Foundation is hosting a one-of-a-kind exhibition displaying both design products and artworks. These products are produced by Pulp Factory made by incorporating new designs in the traditional craft forms and using natural colours, materials like newspaper and natural adhesive.

Kebabs And Biryani Festival

Food-lovers in Jaipur, have a chance to relish kebabs, biryani and curries from different regions of India as Arya Bar & Grill is organising a food festival. Enticing Biryani variants such as Awadhi Dum, Jungli, Mutton Kofta, Malabar Chicken /Mutton and Zafrani Subz paired with with raita and green chutney will tantalise the taste buds of the patrons.

Divorce Italian Style

Divorce Italian Style is an Italian comedy film, where a married man later falls in love with his cousin and vows to wed her. But with divorce illegal he must concoct a crime of passion to do away with his wife.

5 Fun Baking Recipes

From planning weekend getaways to figuring out where to eat on Christmas, December is a great time of the year and we want to do our part to keep the holiday spirit intact. In the first of our Christmas centric pieces from across India, we bring you some easy baking recipes that are just perfect for everything from impromptu party plans to elaborate dinners.

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