Gravity - 3D
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  • Synopsis After a space mission goes awry, astronauts drift into space, losing not only their sense of directi... ...more
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User Review

My Rating 5

I would have to state that the cinematography and special effects in the movie are great. The physics is glaringly wrong and the plot-line ridden with holes. Its a good movie to watch for the visuals but throw logic out the window, if you so as try to make sense of the movie, you will rebuke it. Just enjoy it for what it is and for Sandra Bullock. Not a bad watch but nothing to rave about either.

My Rating 4.5

Gravity is really good in terms of graphics, actions, clarity and sound. direction is good but the way is presented is really awesome. the way the action is planned for each sequence is good according to the film. Overall the film does state that what its to be in space and how its to feel like in the space when ur away from ur family for long time and also it depicts how hard it is to deal with technical problems in the space with certain conditions along with other crew members. it makes the audience feel the pressure and situation more.

My Rating 4.5

The visuals for this movie are impressive. The story line is enjoyable, and it leaves you appreciating your place on Earth. The characters also provide some good laughs.It was one of the better space movies. However, as a geek (I know, I know its a movie) the orbits are all wrong for some of the events to even remotely take place. So if you know anything about space travel, as usual suspend disbelief for the moment. It at least stayed largely true to the no sounds in space thing, and provides some good lessons about linear and angular momentum. The fact I even get to bring this up, means I give the film makers some serious props... I wouldnt go so far as some of the reviews where they says the movie is creating a whole new genre. The reviewers and movie makers just never realized, until now, what us geeks knew all along... space is much more awesome and frightening if you portray it more realistically.Hopefully the movie also provides a good reminder about how special this little rock is, and how unforgivable the rest of the universe is. Lets try and keep our planet that way! At least I was reminded of this when I left the theater.

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