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Replay is one of those stylish rooftop restaurants that has been popular ever since it started a few years ago and their tag line - Eat. Drink. Play. really says it all. Other than its convenient location - close to Rambagh Palace and the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Stadium, it continues to be a great draw for its excellent Italian cuisine.


The rooftop restaurant is quite well spread out and perhaps the best part about Replay is that it allows several groups to have their own independent space at the same time. There are five different sitting areas - two covered, one semi-covered, one at a higher level and one uncovered. So if one is looking at enjoying an evening with friends you can do so without disturbing other customers or being disturbed by them. Rather convenient as it can be formal, informal or totally casual - all at the same time. There could be kitty party or a birthday party happening at the same time but it doesn’t bother you. Though the covered areas are quite comfortable during summers, the best time to visit Replay is in the evening when you can enjoy the dim lights and cool breeze and admire the city lights down below.


The menu is fairly exhaustive and on offer are popular Indian, Italian, Mexican and a few Chinese delicacies. There are the usual soups, salads, sandwiches if you’re looking for something light but you’re better off concentrating on the Italian and Mexican fare. Replay also serves beer and wine so that is an added draw for people looking to relax at the tiny, well-lit and stocked bar in one corner.

Starters include and Jalapeno Grilled Chicken (Rs.245) Cigarillos Corn Fromage (Rs.195), Chicken Pepper Corn (Rs.245), Stuffed Chicken Wings (Rs.255) good choices from the main course Smoked Cheese Pizza (Rs.310) Risotto Ala Milanesa (Rs.275), Penne Tossed With Lemon (Rs.275). In Mexican cuisine Roasted Vegetable (Rs.190) and Mexican Stuffed Potatoes (Rs.250) are worth trying.

Plus & Minus

The ambience is good, it’s a place where you can relax and enjoy your evening. Service is equally good and though it is a little on the expensive side it is good value for money.

Must Try

Jerk Chicken (Rs. 350), Mexican Chicken Legs (Rs.225) and Cheese Bake Pasta (Rs.300).

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Brown Sugar is located in C Scheme and is a great crowd puller. It is very popular with youngsters and seems a good option to stop by for tea or coffee and choose from a wide range of sandwiches and cakes. It’s crowded and always buzzing with activity. Not always possible to get a seat but that shouldn’t stop you….


The smallish coffee shop is on the ground floor and spills out in the open in the evenings. The eatery is small in size with a major chunk being used for display counters which leaves space for barely half a dozen tables. The interiors are neat and quite well done – though paucity of space makes it a little difficult to have a private chat. Best is to grab a table outside.


What matters most in any restaurant is the quality of the food on offer and that is one area where Brown Sugar scores. The menu gives you a wide range of sandwiches, starting from the Cole Slaw Sandwich (Rs.41) to Onion Mushroom (Rs.86), Paneer Tandoori Sandwich (Rs.67) and Spinach Corn Sandwich (Rs.86) and many more, interesting and unusual combinations – all reasonably priced. Other than sandwiches there are Wraps, Salads, as well as a few popular Italian and Chinese dishes but their specialty is cakes and pastries and they are really good. Some popular choices are Choco Black Forest (Rs. 59), DD Chocolate (Rs.64) and Chocolate Strawberry Truffle (Rs.73). There is also a wide range of good teas and coffees - Caramel Hot Chocolate (Rs.71), Cappuccino Grande (Rs.71) and Café Caramel (Rs.71) are some of the popular options.


Brown Sugar has a lot going for it in terms of its location, food and quality – it is indeed good value for money but where it needs to pay a little more attention is in the area of service. The staff seems to assume that customers are in no hurry to have their coffee and leave so they are a tad bit casual in their approach and rather slow in responding to calls.

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