Muppets Most Wanted
  • Released
  • Synopsis The Muppets take their show on the road, this time in Europe, with a tour visiting Berlin, Madrid, D... ...more
  • Critic's 3.5
  • User's 3.5
  • My Rating ---

User Review

My Rating 4

o...k... is this one gonna be 3D or....

My Rating 4

if you kile previous muppets movies, this one os for you. they take the show to Europe, you get to see europe, atch Europe at home or in a theatre, without paying top dollars for the same.

My Rating 3

By encouraging the talent, the quality of education in our country will move to reach near to the international standards. No rewarding to the yes men, who will freely resort to illegal means, as they aerially supported by their netas. These big caps need voluntarily go after completing the tenure and enjoy a retired life happily. They start creating links to stay on, thus socking those who are waiting in the wings to reach the top

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