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The concept of “pice hotels” in Kolkata holds up another era of Bengali living. The exact history or origin of these middle class Bengali eateries is lost in oblivion, but it was somewhat a demand-supply situation in the Forties and Fifties that saw the influx of this commercial venture. With many “Mess” housing for job-seekers from Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) in the city; were born simple, clean roadside eateries which cost in mere “pices”, but gave the taste of hundred percent fresh home-cooked Bengali fare. In 6 Ballygunge Place Thali restaurant, we actually see a welcome contemporary twist to the unique “pice hotel”.


Roadside and tiny scale alright, but this modern set up is no match to the yester years of floor seating ambience. Instead, flushed in daylight, a glass façade encloses a neat, air-conditioned space in black and white, with set of light, modern furniture and a prominent photograph of New Market as a backdrop. The pre set tables feature mats with colourful Bengali food impressions partially hidden under heavy stainless steel thali sets with bowls. The uniformed service staff, actually break us out of the last bit of reverie – with their clumsy, overlapping service. It is obvious they are trained to a fast turn around time.


Unlike pice hotels, the menu here is pre determined, the thali types ascertained and minimal non-vegetarian and vegetarian choices pronounced. It also offers an evening snack section and a couple of combos. We keep it simple, with Gandhoraj Ghol (Rs.25), a Basic Veg Thali (Rs.175), a Mutton Thali (Rs. 275) and extras of a Fish Fry (Rs.85), a Bhetki Chingri Paturi (Rs.95), a Katla Machher Roast (Rs.110) and a newly introduced Mutton Pulao (Rs.165).


The Gandhoraj infused ghol or yoghurt drink is cooling, with a touch of rinds in it. The fillet bhetki, straight from the pan, though leaner than usual, peps up the start with its zesty kasundi crumb fry. The thali begins with crunchy greens or Saag bhaja, Shukto or the bitter vegetables mix to cleanse the palate, Alur dum or Baby potatoes in gravy, Muger Daal or pulses, Alu bhaja or potato fries, pineapple chutney and a ladykeni or a fried Bengali sweet along with steamed rice and hot Luchis.

The vegetable for the day is Enchorer Dalna or a raw jackfruit summer delicacy and the Mutton thali, with 2 pieces of Kasha Mangsho or mutton.

This thali experience is quite ordinary, neither homely refreshing, nor with the “pice hotel” punch – in fact, the behind the scene commercial kitchen catering to branches is obvious in the taste story.

Finally, the Mutton Pulao lifts up the palate and we order for Coconut ice cream (Rs.40).

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This Golden Park restaurant stands for fusion cuisine indeed. A variety of cuisines are on offer, ranging from Indian, Italian, Continental, Chinese and Mongolian. You’ll get offerings like Dal-e-Fusion, American Corn Seekh Kebab, Ginger Chicken in Temple Style, Murgh Angare Boti Kebab, Vilayati Subzi Benarasi Masala, Cantonese Fried Chicken - all in the same menu... you could call that a muddled fusion meal. They also have an elaborate Lunch Buffet.

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Nightlife Review

Buzz: 2/5 | Décor: 2.5/5

-By Salmoli Mukerji

A fusion of cuisines, a lounge bar, and late-night atmosphere rule this place. Mongolian Hot Pot, Rasili Makai, Crispy Chilli Baby Corn, Kalmi Kebab, Golden Prawn in Hoisin Sauce, Smoked Fish, American Corn Seekh Kebab, Mutton Burrah Kebab, Bilayati Subzi Benarasi Masala, Cantonese Fried Chicken, Fettuccine with Florentine... quite a fusion. The bartender helps you with some classic cocktails — Daiquiri, Margarita, martinis - at the 9,000-sq-ft lounge bar, while flavoured hookahs set the mood, Happy Hours give great deals and the DJ pumps up popular music if you want to hit the dance floor. However, in spite of all the efforts put in to give guests a good time, there's something about Fusion that is not so right, maybe the crowd... it doesn't help you relax.

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