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If you are fond of wine, make your way to King's Crown. The place doesn't disappoint cocktail lovers either. You can enjoy its special cocktails like Santirini, Tequila and Gin. Their popular mocktails are Litchi Surprise and Orange with Lemon. Although the decor here is more or less traditional, the lounge sofas and red lights, add a modern touch to the place. You can enjoy your drink to the accompaniment of some good old Western numbers here. Open from 11am to 10pm, this place accepts credit cards and has reservation facilities.

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Tradition always adds shades of colour to a cuisine, and if you have the inclination to explore further, experience will enrich the tastes as well. This mild winter, we head towards Kidderpore, a part of the city unexposed to the food revolution yet, just to discover some original Mughlai tastes. What we stumble upon is unadulterated Pathan breakfast at the India Restaurant & Caterer – the kind that one can do justice to only while the chill lasts. Without much ado, we abandon the idea of trying their much famous Daryabadi Biryani and Mutton Kadai for lunch, and land up all huddled up at 6:30am for breakfast!


Just a block away from the Kidderpore Fancy Market, this place is quite accessible. The interiors have been freshly redone, with bright new red and yellow, in your face signage and bright lighting. The outer non air conditioned space leads inside to a closed family room, which is air conditioned alright, but nothing to write home about. The characteristic of the space comes out with its now glass façade enclosed open kitchen right on the street, worn-look wooden tables and the seasoned service staff. And for breakfast there’s always the true blue Pathans for company.


The breakfast menu provides ample variety and taste. We order, Mutton Bhuna (Rs.55), Mutton Dal Gosht (Rs.55), season special Mutton Paya (Rs. 70), Mutton Brain (Rs.60) and Mutton Tomato Stew (Rs.60) with Tandoori Roti (Rs.8). And wrap up with Milk tea (Rs.8) and Gajar Ka Halwa (Rs.35). The menu starts serving its Biryanis and more beyond breakfast hours from 11am onwards. This includes, Daryabadi Biryani (Rs.190), Mutton Kadai (Rs.120), Chicken Haryali Butter Masala (Rs.175), Shahi Tukra (Rs.40) and more.

Plus & Minus:

We are served with an early morning feast! The hot crispy rotis, come right out of the real mud tandoor and is had along with a bevy of meat dishes. The Tomato Stew with tender pieces of mutton is a thick stew, whirling in the tomato tanginess, while the Bhunna mutton gravy oozes the sweetness of the crushed onions shallow fried to an ecstatic level. In comparison, the Daal Gosht is a bit plain Jane, with chunky pieces of meat cooked in a thick mix of pulses. The highlight of the meal however, is the delightful Mutton Brain, an acquired taste for many; this delicate preparation gives the subtleness of the Khada masala or whole spices. The legendary winter Paya comes last with steaming hot soup and a chunky trotter cooked overnight to give it wholesome taste and body. Best with a sprinkling of chopped coriander, green chillies and coolness of fresh lime juice. To finish, it is important to have a milky tea as a palate cleanser and the warm gajar ka halwa cooked in pure ghee to complete the culinary excursion.

Must Try:

Daryabadi Biryani, Kadai Mutton, Mutton Paya (Winter), Mutton Bhuna, Shahi Tukra.

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