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Here it is. The long and short on the Long & Short. This gastro bar (with ambitions to be an interactive entertainment zone) opened on the first floor of Hotel Intercontinental almost a year ago. However, it limped along trying to hit its stride: went through a change of chef and menu tweaking. Over the past year, I ate here six times. And since it serves up international street food, I dined here with a bunch of great, fun global foodies. The global foodies love the ambiance; enjoy the innovative cocktails and only some of the food.


A bicycle at the entrance sets the quirky tone. Cutting chai teapots, dabbas and kerosene tins, knick knacks, old photos and an interactive stage for gigs here. The charming small, al fresco terrace overlooking Marine Drive is a boon, especially in these cool months.


Flavours and cuisines jostle and joust across the eclectic menu under "Shorts" (starters) and "longs" (mains) and the cocktails too are funky, (foot longs, jars and so on). It's Chef Kayzad Sadri’s Cajun style chicken and waffles with a thrillingly salty charge, salmon vibrant with Terriyaki and the unerringly roasted chicken with jus that come up tops. Other recommendations are the sweetly spicy tasty American spare ribs, grilled strawberry and sprout salad and the tortilla chips tasty Mexican fondue. Chatpatta Corn bhel. Tender-firm dim sums, crunchy Tempura are worth trying too. Must end with the luscious strawberry Pavlova rum cream delightful with burnt marshmallows. The deconstructed apple pie is a masterpiece of crunch and squish.

Minus Points

Some interpretations of the street food are completely off the mark, be it the Mumbai masala sandwich, strange "Swiss brick", bready NYC hot dog. Lacklustre Flatbread ditto for the steamed fish and the Patila biryani. The cauliflower spa risotto and the pork steamed buns have (sadly) been taken off the menu.

My Point

Though, comatose and off the foodie map till now, this open through the day gastro bar has refreshed itself. Its interactive entertainment buzz is beginning to build up (evenings with French singer, karaoke etc). I popped in here for the Sunday karaoke four course brunch (Rs 1999) and even though not packed, it was fun. The menu still has weak spots, with a few too many dishes not from the heart but from a marketing plan, Chef Sadri's exuberant new menu is on its way. There is playfulness in its decor, food and cocktails and with Happy hours from 1 to 8pm and meal for 2 at Rs 2500 served through the day, it sure is good value. Cheers!

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Two more outlets for Pop Tate lovers — Malad and Ghodbunder Road! Walk into Pop Tate's and you'll find people chugging draught beer and enjoying nachos with spicy salsa, quesadillas, pastas and pizzas on the side. Cool cats in Thane now have a new hangout in Korum Mall — an Archie-comics-inspired theme restaurant complete with serenading guitarists. Soups (Veg Mushroom or Chicken) and salads (pasta in veg and non-veg; chicken too) have been added to the menu. Sizzling Brownies is a new dessert option, alongside the old staple Apple Pie. Tony Singh Bagga's VFM fare is creatively dished out as Juggy's Burgers, Betty's Pizzas and more. The Mini Meal fills (Italian Barbecue Chicken) and the sizzler sizzles with generous helpings of veggies and Mexican Rice. The Garlic Pepper Chicken Sizzler is particularly good. Seafood, lamb, beef — it's all here. Peri Peri Sauce, Paprikano Sauce and Smoky Barbeque Sauce are all popular. Average to good pastas are also served. It's a popular and fun teenage hangout.rnrn

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Buzz: 2.5/5 | Décor: 2.5/5

rn-By Rashmi Uday Singh

Now, Mumbai has seven Pop Tates. Pop Tate's, a chain of cheery cafes with TV screens has Rajma, cheeselings and Potato Salad (all complimentary snacks which change daily) doing the rounds with drinks. Popular cocktails include Purple Musk, Pina Colada, My Passion, Tequila Sunrise, and Blue Lagoon or the mocktails, Mickey 'n' Donald, Litchi Punch, Fruit Punch, Black Window and Mint Cooler. Pop Tate's is a haunt for the youngish to chill and relax. Quesadillas, pastas, pizzas and Nachos with Spicy Salsa are served here. They have dishes like Juggy's Burger and Betty's Pizza, which kind of reminds one of the Pop Tate's in the Archie comic books.rnHAPPY HOURS: 2.47pm to 7.27pm

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