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A glass of wine and a happy bite in a casual atmosphere? You can enjoy a glass of domestic Indage wine (the cheapest priced at `120) and check out many more domestic wines by the glass too. Vickrant (Chateau Indage) Chougule’s brainchild has maps of the wine regions sketched on the ceiling, wine shelves lining the walls, wine books to browse through and wine accessories to buy. There are 130 selections (their own and imports). Take your pick from White, Red, and Rose Wines like Tiger Hill Brutrose, Marquise de Pompadour, Indage Platinum series Sauvignon Blanc, Indage Vineyards Gold Series Chardonnay Semillion, Indage Platinum Series, Merlot Syrah, Indage Vineyards Gold series, Shiraz, Cabernet, Tiger Hill Vineyards, Merlot Shiraz. Chantilly, Chardonnay and Chantilly Cheninblanc, Chantilly Merlot, Chantilly Shiraz, Chantilly White Zinfandel, Ivy wine Zinfandel, and Tiger Hill Zinfandel. Pair your drink with Potato Wedges, Fish ‘n’ Chips, Cajun Chicken and Crispy Jalapeño Poppers. Do check out their ATMs (All Time Meals), which features dishes like Hyderabadi Keema Pao, Shephard’s Pie, Bangers ‘n’ Mash with Onion Gravy, Seared Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Veggies, and Chicken and Mushroom Pie. The service is pretty good and if you want assistance for pairing your wines and knowing the finer points of wine drinking, staff here is very warm and helpful.

PS: Check out the neighbouring “In Wine & Beer Shop”, open from 10am to 11pm, which sells domestic wines and many international ones as well (from Barolo to Mateus Rose and Rioca). They do home delivery too.

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Buzz: 3/5|Service: 3/5 | Décor: 3/5

Khar and Worli are home to this casual and cheery café and bistro that offers well-priced wines, but average fare. They’re open through the day. You can sip on a glass of domestic Indage wine (the cheapest priced at `120) and check out many more domestic wines by the glass too. Crowds pack the place, so imported wines may not always be available later in the day. Vickrant (Chateau Indage) Chougule’s brainchild has maps of the wine regions sketched on the ceiling, wine shelves lining the walls, wine books to browse and wine accessories available for purchase. There are 130 selections (their own and imports). They offer Potato Wedges, Dynamites, Thai Chicken Curry, Cajun Chicken, Chicken Fettucini, Fusilli Chicken and more. All-time favourites? Golden-fried Chicken Nuggets, Jamaican Chicken Wrap, various sandwiches (including Create Your Own Non-veg Sandwich), Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, French Toast and Eggs Benedict. Crispy Jalapeno Poppers plump with cheese are worth trying. They don’t serve cheese with wine here, but it’s a great place for a casual, happy bite and glass of wine.

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Dear Sachin (aka Tendliya/Sach/Master)So what if I'm not a cricket fan? But like the rest of the world, I am also paying a tribute to you. The reason? I am bowled over by your being a dyed in the drool foodie (you even had your own restaurant near the Gateway of India). And so, in this historic week, we dine at Mumbai's newest, two day old restaurant and dedicate the review to you. And sometimes fact is even more fabulous than fiction, coz exactly in this same week of November 1989, you made your debut. And it was then that both Salil Ankola, swashbuckling cricketer and actor and Ayaz Memon, highly respected TV host and author were with you in your very first test match in Karachi. Nobody would've dreamt that the 16 year old boy (who loved food, seafood, everything from bombil to Peking duck and Kapil Dev's wife's cooking of chicken curries too) would turn into the legend you are today. While Salil (was your tour-room mate) and debuted as the fastest bowler, Ayaz spent a month and a half covering your first match-series and has the fondest memories of you. As does Salil, who can never forget how you watched his TV shows. So here we are then cheering you, our cricketing icon and also a foodie-extraordinaire what better way to do it than in Mumbai’s newest-ever restaurant?

Food…Test-Ing Times:

VFM…Value for money fare (Rs.1200 meal for two) in the swanky, glassed in high-ceilinged India Bulls centre, pretty much sums up the global fare here. We eat our way through the predictable kind of Global buffet(Rs.530 AI) kung pao chicken penang, soup, salad, starters,live pasta station etc. The aldente pasta surprises and it is the perfectly sauced penne Arrabiata which comes up tops. The live stations change (Kawakswe, fried chicken etc).

We are most delighted with our ala carte dish of medium-rare beef (Rs.350), crusted with fresh coriander pink and green pepper and grilled on a lava stone.

Starters of deep fried mushrooms oozing cheese, onion rings, spicy-sweet-saucy chicken wings, and bacon wrapped chicken are adequately made. The scarmoza stuffed flavoursome chicken, crisp fish n chips are equally good. Though the desserts are outsourced, the soft cheesecake, tiered chocolate mousse are both good. Plenty of sandwiches (okayish Multi grain spicy chicken one) Sunday brunch (Rs.689) serves up 3 live stations.

Minus Points Lbw :

We need more dishes for veggies; (only 3 mains and one was unavailable. The over-cooked cottage cheese steak took really long to be served) Overdone Rawas, dryish Tiramisu and acoustics which do not absorb the noise are the minus points here.

Decor…The Turf:

Walk into the glassed in, gleaming lobby of One India bulls and into this L shaped airport-lounge look-alike cafe. Wooden table, tiny bookshelves with cookbooks and Brittanicas .Humdrum, but pleasant surroundings.

D'bell's Score Card:

D'Bell's hugely advertised cafe and lounge bar opened on 9th November. Its emergence belongs to Mumbai's boomlet-trend of large, fashionable places in commercial buildings (India Bulls and BKC). The lunch buffet and global ala carte menu offer dishes that can be patchy, while some make the leap ( e.g. pepper crusted steak).Open through the day (fully stocked bar) a diner can assemble an enjoyable meal in the blankly contemporary dining room.

It's the VFM pricing which makes it a worth visiting neighbourhood place. We raise a toast to welcome this neighbourhood eatery and a bigger one for our foodie and global legend. Cheers!

Critic Review

Nightlife Review

Buzz: 3/5| Décor: 3.5/5

, I pop in to the most advertised and hyped D’Bell (café and lounge bar) on its opening night. Three bands played in the large, high-ceilinged space of One India Bulls centre. It was packed, but it was day one and it’s too early to tell how this lounge bar will take off. It’s been publicized as “A musical nirvana. A liquor connoisseur’s delight. A multi-cuisine mania”. Indulge in a musical affair to remember with frequent performances by maestros that include popular and established bands, DJs and other artistes.

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