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She's youthful, she's vibrant fun, she's quirky and high-energy. She's Asian but Delhi-born. She has just moved to Bandra (Ghatkopar too) and Mamagoto (means "play with food" and not Mama go too) has caught the imagination of the fickle Mumbaiker. The result? Packed restaurant and "no reservations" policy. So I land up at the Bandra eatery, one afternoon at 12.15 and wait outside to lunch there. And on another night, take a bunch of very special guests at 7pm so we can grab a table. They've been to the Delhi Mamagoto and are fans and compare the two for me ("equally good" is their verdict). The Mehrotras are a family of foodies extraordinaire and Vinod Advani, South Australia Tourism Ambassador, Times FM's first and finest radio jockey, travels to the world's farthest corners to taste rare wines and is here to kick off his 60th birthday celebrations, today.

Im always on a high to be with India's finest inventive contemporary artist and love his unique individualistic style and have attended most of Jaideep Mehrotra's 22 solo exhibitions, in India and abroad.

Seema combines style with substance, is his manager, handles the Mehrotra home, taxes and investments. Even though still in school Mallika is an accomplished foodie, pianist, kayaker and footballer. We miss her global-foodie New York based sister Anushka.

Push through the door and you'll be bombarded with colored graphics,Asian Ninjas, yellow striped tigers, Sea blue, Imperial Yellows, Radiant reds and Celadon Greens. All this in an industrial-chic space, with a bar.

This vibrant vibe of the ambiance infuses the design of the overcrowded menu and the food too. From Japanese Robata Grill to Thai, in dish after dish there is a determination to find a balance of sweet, sour, salty and hotly spicy and garlicky. Mama's Thai soul asserts itself through her kaffir lime and Thai basil infused rich creamy curries.

I ate my way through the menu at lunch and dinner. We loved the unique salads ( Snowpeas green bean salad with coconut sauce, made crunchy with roasted peanuts). Grilled fish with Asian dressing, garlicky eggplant Robata, basil cups with chatpatta veggies, Chestnuts pok choi cashewnuts all delighted. In short if you enjoy vibrant, robustly spiced fare, then you've hit jackpot. The youthful energy of Kabir Suri and Rahul Khanna is evident even the back-to-childhood kind of caramel drizzled sponge cake is on the same lines. Moist, yummy mud cake and dense, flavorful coconut icecream too.

Minus Points
Noisy, too noisy. And then many of the dishes have either no flavor or too much of it muddled together, be it the batter-heavy calamari, the gooey Goreng, overcooked prawns with red chilli, flavorless steamed fish, lackluster lamb Massaman curry and gelatinous cheesecake.

My Point
I love "Value for money" eateries and this brand new Asian fun dining is one. Average price of the dishes (Rs 200-450). Vibrant, high-energy ambiance infuses the robust, rich flavors of the food. We need some toned down, pristine and simple options too (there are too few). Thankfully, there's plenty for veggies. The tantalizing seasonings, the cheeky decor all add upto a great experience, if only the colorful, Mama wasn't so noisy.

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Your attention please! You are entering a whole new restaurant. A fabulous one too! The already popular Konkan Café undergoes not just renovation, but also incarnates as The Konkan Café, a unique three-meal restaurant with VFM prices and that too in a five-star hotel. As the book goes to press, it opens, grander, brighter and yet has a homely touch. Terracotta tiles, collage of temple bells temples, teakwood carving, huge windows, a laterite stone wall and even an enoteca complete the décor. Opt to sit in the low, Indian-style seating or the verandah, designed artistically, with extensive use of timber and rustic finishes, or under the recreated “open sky” where mood lighting changes from day to night. The maestro Executive Chef Ananda Solomon pulls out all the stops as he introduces dishes from his native Kasargod and adds on the Moplah Muslim food to the coconut-rich cuisine of the areas that stretch between Mumbai and Karnataka. Earthernware pots, Panchdhatu vessels and handpound authentic spices coax aromatic flavours from his brilliantly rendered fare. Go for the most delightful breakfast of idlis, dosas, Kanjivaram Ramesri Idlis and Egg Roast too. My tastebuds get blitzed by the flavoursome Fish Biryani, Coconut-rich Gassis to Malabari Potatoes. The mellow Ghee Rice, robust Meat Ball Curry, subtle Green Fish Caldine are all good. More traditional and robust flavours leap from the Mutton Sukka and the perfectly cooked Kombdi Vadi as our meal goes on and on. It ends with the subtle silky Payasam the essence of Paan in a creamy and a Paan Shot too.

Note: Amazing pricing structure here. All the starters (`650, be it imported meats or veggies) or mains (`750, be it lobster or veggies).

PS: Refined of palate and slim of wallet? Ask for the VFM Unlimited Thali (`1,200; veg, non-veg and seafood). Breakfast `600 for a couple.

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