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Innovation at its best. Vada Pao mates with Samosa. Result? Jumbosa a rectangular-shaped snack with a filling of potato, peas and masala. The quintessential symbol of the streets of Mumbai is blast-chilled and cooked in stainless-steel utensils with gloved hands. In short, Vada Pao is becoming Jumbo King. This jumbo-sized success story began in mid-2001 and today, over forty bright yellow and orange self-serve, fast-food branches span the city. Kudos to the enterprising Gupta couple for transforming the way Vada Pao is served in Mumbai. Mumbai's crowning street snack is dressed up with Butter, Chhole, Schezwan and Cheese (mix 'n' match those flavours) in Regular, Brown and Grilled variations. Pair it with regular Lassi (soft drinks as well), with all of the hygiene! I'll take the original Vada Pao from Jumbo King any day. When you want that fatafat break, look for a branch near you and happy snacking!

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A short, (but not at all sweet) restaurant review follows. "How do you judge a restaurant?" I'm often asked. Sure! Food, Service, Ambiance, Price Points are very important but it all boils down to "Would we want to go back?"

While I do take note of the investment of money, time and hopes which go into setting up of a restaurant, my first duty is to you dear reader, to share with you an accurate and honest account.

So, though the food disappoints in this Chowpatty restaurant, I have a riveting evening with the gourmet family Khubchandani (just back from eating Alaskan salmon in Alaska). Equally fascinatingly, each one has chosen a unique niche career specialty.

While Rohan Khubchandani, a specialist in energy (after his dual masters in US and Denmark) has returned to India because he is a firm believer in the "India story" his doctor parents continue to be leaders in their professions here. Shaila is a electron microscopist and a surgical pathologist, while pediatric rheumatology is Raju's specialty.


Walk up two floors of the narrow staircase into a space with black surfaces and strange splashes of neon, with random alcoves lit in fluorescent blues, greens and pinks. We are tucked into an uncomfy table wedged into an alcove.


Except for the crisp fried Kurkure bhindi and the moist chicken tikka angare, the rest of the meal is a blur of mushy masala laden stuffed chicken charga, overcooked broccoli, kothmir lamb and spinach infused Chicken Nilgiri. Gloopy methi chaman, hard rasgulla and gulab jamun, oversweet saffron kulfi all equally below par. Through it all pops up the strange combo of "Madhubani Ceasers salad with panfried gucchi cotta".


See the above. Also highly priced, Rs 3000 meal for two.


Indifferent food notwithstanding, Saffron Bay, has three things going for it; location, friendly service and the fact that in the "pure-veg" Chowpatty neighborhood it is the only eatery to serve non-vegetarian fare and alcohol. But as always the acid test of a restaurant is "would we go back here?". "Not till they improve."

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Buzz: 3.5/5| Décor: 3.5/5

The elegance at this open-through-the-day contemporary and clean-lined eatery is understated. Walk up to the mezzanine level bar (an alfresco terrace attached) and you’ll find many a drinking companion propping up the bar. Martini buffs this is your mecca, Orange & Ginger, Green Apple, Peach & Mint, Café Lemon Drop, Jalapeño & Pineapple, Chocolate & Tangerine, Cucumber & Herb, and Café Martini are the top draws here. Even the Southern Comfort Ice Tea Café, Whiskytini and Whisky Sour are well made. Well-loved for its Sparkling Wine cocktails, you must ask for the heady and creative Kiwi Bellini, Pomegranate & Thyme Sparkling Sangria and Fig & Rosemary Sparkling Sangria. Equally recommended are the Peach & Plum Sparkling Sangria, Celery & Green Apple Sparkling Sangria, Cucumber & Basil Sparkling Sangria. Chef Gresham Fernandes teases big effects and full flavours out of simple dishes.

Note: Unlimited sangria and Budweiser from 11am to 4pm, and 4pm to 7pm @ `450; Monday through Friday.

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