Top 10 north indian Restaurants in Mumbai

North Indian on your mind? has handpicked the top ten North Indian restaurants across Mumbai just for you. The restaurants on our top ten list serve the most authentic North Indian food in Mumbai. Get helpful insights into menus, cuisines, see how critics rate the restaurant, read reviews, find out how they are priced, check out the map on how to get there and much more on This list of Top 10 Restaurants aims to be a complete guide to the cream of restaurants across Mumbai

Highway Gomantak #1

I return again and again to the Potnis family’s Highway Gomantak in Bandra East (it was my find 24 years ago when it had just opened in a corrugated tin-roofed shack). And now, it’s bigger than before but still retains its no-frills look and prices. Still not air-conditioned and it still has brown fans whirring overhead. Go for the Fish Fry, Mu...more»

Apoorva Restaurant & Bar #2

As good as ever! I pop in here for their big slab of Fish Fry and find it as good as ever and the twin-levelled eatery as packed as ever. Nestled in the heart of South Mumbai’s business district, oblivious to the manic daytime traffic all around, is this long timer serving Coastal fare. Known primarily for its seafood, it is advisable to skip the...more»

Sasural #3

Saas ki Pasand, Sasur ki Farmaish and Bahu ke Haathon Se feature on the menu at this 96-seater Andheri eatery with predictable Indian decor. Order old favourites like Tandoori Chicken and Murgh Tikka Masala. Vegetarians, there are Chana Kala Masala, kebabs and spinach dishes for you. Tasty and well-spiced food; you may not care that it isn't gourme...more»

Dum Pukht #4

Royal fine dining gets redefined in this Times Food Guide award-winning restaurant. Glimmering mirrors, gold and Persian floral work and intricate jharokas of this plush restaurant make for a perfect backdrop for the “experience“ that follows. There is magic in the food, drawing upon whiffs of rose water, hand-pounded masalas, saffron, superb c...more»

Sarovar #5

Being a pure vegetarian restaurant, this is the perfect place for Dosa fans in Kandivali! Special Dosa, Chinese Dosa, Schezwan Dosa and even a Pao Bhaji Masala Dosa. Head down to the basement of Kandivali's Payyade International for South Indian, Punjabi and Chinese dishes; watch out for the Udipi flavour. Good venue for a party or conference for a...more»

Just Biryani #6

Just Biryani is a great place not just for biryanis which are outstanding; but also Tandoori Kebabs, Fish Tikka, Tandoori Prawns, Tandoori Pomfret, Chicken Lahori and much more. Dal Makhani, Lucknavi Biryani and Tandoori Chicken are the three popular dishes you must try here. I love the subtle Lucknavi Biryani and the moist, spicy Dum Biryani. Succ...more»

Pancham Puriwala #7

The fifth generation of this family proudly carries on the family tradition of dishing out pooris amidst the hustle-bustle of neighbouring CST station (no dearth of customers here obviously). For close to two centuries (!), the golden, deep-fried pooris from this kitchen have been feeding the population of Mumbai! The city buzzes around you as you ...more»

Moti Mahal #8

Bandra’s 55-year-old Moti Mahal specializes in Mughlai food and is also very famous for its kebabs, Butter Chicken and Black Dal. Dal Bukhara, Murgh Makhanwala and Balti Chicken are the must-try signature dishes here. Skip the Chinese at this black-and-white toned, split-level restaurant which also houses a small bar. For vegetarians they have Ta...more»

Howrah #9

A coir-matted narrow staircase leads you up to the terrace, where a red-and-white striped awning covers a green-carpeted area. I recommend you go for dinner here as lunch can get too warm and noisy. Not as noisy as the Crawford Market outside! You can come her for your slice of VFM Bengali heaven. My favourites are the Hilsa Bhapa, Hilsa Paturi, Be...more»

The Great Punjab #10

You must order the Chicken Seekh Kebab and Chicken Koyla Kebab, Chicken Kali Miri, Makki di Roti, Sarson da Saag, Missi Roti, Dal Makhni, Chicken Karela Kebab, Paneer Kadhai or Makhni which are all good along with a Punjabi Lassi or a peg of hard drink. Since 1959, the Great Punjab Restaurant & Bar has been serving authentic Punjabi-style fare alon...more»

Masalazone #11

Robust, earthy and (very) spicy North Indian food sends temperatures soaring in Bandra and Dadar. Masala Craft Bar & Kitchen with its fiery fare, small air-conditioned space and alfresco area with basic wooden tables has nothing to do with the famous Taj Kraft” that serves contemporary olive oil-based fare. Afghani Fish Tikka, slushy Black Dal, o...more»

Sanskriti #12

Pure vegetarian sans onion and garlic — UP, Marwari, Rajasthani and Gujarati fare here — all served up in Malad's InOrbit Mall's gleaming, noisy and crammed food court. They've recently introduced ”Indian Burgers” (Rs.50) in mazedaar flavours like Ragada, Aloo and Chatpata Chhole. Paratha Rolls (Rs.60) are there too for a quick ”on-the-go...more»

Urban Tadka #13

For the consistently good and affordably priced fare (succulent meat prepared with minimum grease), it's worth visiting one of their four branches (two in Andheri, one in Mulund and another in Ghatkopar). Ask for the new dishes — Murgh Lahsuni Kebab and Murgh Mirch Kebab or go for the old favourites. From the memorable spark of nimbu in the Nimbu...more»

Thackers #14

Here's a vegetarian's idea of bliss — the traditional Thacker's Gujarati Thali against the backdrop of the beautiful sea served on the first floor of Dilip and Jayshree Thacker's Marine Drive, floor-to-ceiling glass walled restaurant. For Rs.332, enjoy popular favourites like Aloo Raswala, Gujarati Patti Samosa, Rasmalai, Damni Dhokla, Kand Kacho...more»

Sher-E-Punjab #15

What is common about the two Shers across the street from one another at Ballard Estate? Authentic Punju food! You can opt for the fancier one that has a refreshing feel with a low ceiling and stained-glass window ambience, but does not have a bar. The one with the bar, on the other side of the street, has longer rooms. Spicy Chicken Kali Mirch and...more»

Pritam Da Dhaba #16

Balle! Balle! Sprawl on charpoys under the stars (under a shed during the monsoons) at this 200-seater VFM ethnic Punjabi place in Dadar and gorge on Sarson da Saag and Makki di Roti. Enjoy 25 per cent off on your bar bill during Happy Hours too (5.30pm to 7.30pm on weekdays). It's the true-blue Punjabi experience here: Punjabi Kadhi Pakodi, Gobhi ...more»

Modern Lunch Home #17

Homely and decent Fried Fish and Prawn Curry make people queue up outside these restaurants. Worth a visit only if you like Mangalorean coastal fare and a no-frills decor. Try the Chicken Kori Roti, Crab Masala, Prawn Tawa Fry and Kane, each prepared in thick, spicy gravy and team them up with crisp Tandoori rotis or plain Steamed Rice. Their inexp...more»

Only Parathas #18

Only Paratha has been popping up in many a mall spanning the city. Pass the parathas please! Make a quick, nourishing and wholesome meal of the rounded yumminess with Dal Makhni, Masala Chhole and Raita, served throughout the day with low-cal and Jain options too. Chaat isn't up to the mark and biryanis aren't either. Order a Pudina-Cheese Paratha....more»

Samrat Veg Restaurant #19

Pleasantly surprised. I revisit this two-floored sprawling Churchgate pure-vegetarian icon and recommend you do too. It's open through the day. Seat yourself by the window table on the first floor and ask for the unlimited and filling thali (they have a kid's thali too Rs.135). Delicious Gujarati Thali (even a Jain version on request) served in air...more»

Chenab #20

Murgh Tang Talwar is served up with North Indian flair on a mock sword! At this VFM Vashi joint, watch as your customized order is diced, chopped and tossed in front of you. Some items on the menu are Dum Kebabs and biryanis (the latter is served in a clay pot). Chenab backs up their claim of being the best deal in town with a Rs.225 VFM lunch buff...more»