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The Bombay Canteen

We are rejoicing! Many reasons...not only is it a joyful experience but there is distinct joy in the food too. There is a palpable youthful vibe not just in the ambiance, the staff, and the diners but once again, in the food too. Bombay Canteen celebrates India and of course Bombay.

Tribute To Howard Hodgkin

The CSMVS along with Jehangir Nicholson Art Foundation bring to the city a solo exhibition of paintings by Hodgkin, the first in India. Two major works by Howard Hodgkin are being presented from Tate London's collection: "Rain" and "Come into the Garden, Maud". The exhibition is supported by the British Council and Gagosian Gallery. Howard Hodgkin is one of Britain’s most eminent artists and also a great friend of India, first visiting the country in 1964.

The EQ

The play discovers the interesting phases of the eventful life of Albert and the reasons behind his image of a jolly and absent-minded scientist. Is E.Q. the short form for emotional quotient or Einstein quotient?

Strawberry Special

The multi cuisine all day restaurant Saptami is celebrating the most magical of all berries- strawberries. The chef have designed a special menu which consists of sinful desserts prepared with the strawberries. Some of the strawberry offerings include Berry spiked tiramisu, Green tea strawberry cheesecake with lemon and white chocolate sauce, Strawberry Cointreau makaka decadence etc.


In a near future, the American secret agent Lemmy Caution travels to Alphaville posing as the journalist Ivan Johnson from the Figaro Pravda newspaper. His mission is to find the missing agent Henry Dickson and to convince Professor von Braun to come with him to Nueva York.

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