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Long & Short

Here it is. The long and short on the Long & Short. This gastro bar opened on the first floor of Hotel Intercontinental almost a year ago. However, it limped along trying to hit its stride: went through a change of chef and menu tweaking. Over the past year, I ate here six times.

Mumbai Comic Con

Mumbai Film and Comic Con is the city's very own celebration of the popular nerd culture. Each year the event comes back to make sure that you have a spectacular year-end celebration because nothing beats the craziness that happens at Comic Con.The year's convention will feature exhibitors, new comic title releases, cosplay, merchandise shopping, and interactive sessions. Book your passes today and attend this mega convention.

Shiva Soundsystem

Shiva Soundsystem is an organisation based out of East London and was formed in 2000 by DJ and broadcaster Nerm. Over the years it evolved into a band, including early appearances of Foreign Beggars frontman Orifice Vulgatron and Prash Mistry from Engine Earz.

AIB Knockout

The AIB Knockout is a one night only event where Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor get taken down a notch by AIB and some special guests – LIVE on stage. This is a no holds barred show where their lives, movies and insecurities – nothing will be left out. The way it works is, AIB will throw the funniest, nastiest and most politically incorrect insults at Ranveer and Arjun, and they just have to grin and bear it.

Getting Better

King Edward Memorial Municipal Hospital in Parel and its twin institution G.S. Medical College are the premier establishments in Mumbai, a frail bridge that spans the abyss between the two clichés of Shining India and Pauperised India. This documentary offers an insight into theses remarkable institutions and the fierce sense of pride, service and excellence that permeate.

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