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Kolkata Callin

Bengali, Chinese and North Indian fare here. Stick to the Bengali starters (chops, cutlets and rolls) in the appetiser section. My favourites Bekti Paturi and Prawn Malai Curry have just the right balance of texture and flavour. The succulent mutton in the robustly curry Thakur Barir Pathar Mangsho just about passes muster.

Aditi Mittal - Live

Canvas Laugh Club features Aditi Mittal for an amazing comedy night titled 'Things They Wouldn't Let Me Say'. This abla Indian nari has just come out of being abla Indian nari. After being a quiet and sit down be seen not heard person, Aditi has turned into blah Indian nari.

Sky Rabbit

Electro rock outfit Sky Rabbit is hitting the town this month. This band formerly known as Medus A consists of Raxit on Vocals and Samples, Rahul on Guitar and Samples, Siddharth on Bass and Harsh Drums. Their music is a natural blend of electronica, indie and post-punk styles.

Nostalgia Brand Chewing Gum

Nostalgia Brand Chewing Gum is the story of Natasha, Adil, Bob and Kara. They are sometime friend or lover or colleague or roommate over the time but never mutually exclusive. Kara wants Adil. Adil wants Natasha. Natasha wants Bob. Bob... wants to run the marathon. When it all comes together on one particular evening, mixed with copious amounts of memories-it tastes pretty funny.

Coorg Food Festival

'South Of Vindhyas' takes you to Coorg, the land of forests, hills and coffee plantation through the Coorg Food Festival, a spread of exotic delicacies prepared by master chef Bala. Considered to be one of the most delicious and flavoursome South Indian cuisines, Coorg Food is influenced by the history, geography and culture of its people.

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