What's Hot in Mumbai

Cafe Sabrosa

Here's what I was told: Sabrosa is a brand new BKC multi-cuisine Cafe which morphs into a lounge bar post 8 pm (loud music, dim lights) but rocks the most on Bollywood Saturday nights. Here's what I checked out: both the multi-cuisine menu and the Bollywood night. It was a long fun evening, a memorable Bollywood night in more ways than one.

Nityan Unnikrishnan Solo

Nityan Unnikrishnan is showcasing his latest collection of work in a solo project at Chatterjee & Lal. He uses his keen sense of design to create paintings from a myriad of sources both real and imaginary; these include elements from his childhood and his working life. He creates a dynamic relationship between the individual and the landscape. These surreal inversions of reality take the viewer to the interior world of the subject and, by default, the artist himself.

Games People Play

Games People Play is an exhibition by artist duo Thukral & Tagra symbolising the walk of life. According the artists the game aims to impart the meaning of life to those who play it, in effect by paying off one's debts and equalising one's score. In a way, the objective of the show is to present the cycle of karma and reach the finish line.

Mango Mania

Enjoy the goodness of the King of Fruits all through summers at Hotel Sahara Star. Their mouthwatering Mango special menu includes recipes like Chocolicious Mango, Mango Mojito, Frozen Mango Daiquiri and Mango Blush in addition to a whole menu of reasons just waiting to be discovered! Indulge in this one till the season lasts.

7 New Eateries + Bars

The slump in Mumbai weather is not deterring restaurateurs from debuting their babies for the world. There are brand new concepts and imports, which were long awaited, making it to our list of the seven new establishments that have (and will be) breaking into the city's food scene over the next few weeks.

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