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Long & Short

Here it is. The long and short on the Long & Short. This gastro bar opened on the first floor of Hotel Intercontinental almost a year ago. However, it limped along trying to hit its stride: went through a change of chef and menu tweaking. Over the past year, I ate here six times.

One Nite Stand

One Nite Stand is India's newest Pop/Rock sensation and they are famous for their unique Dance-Rock music. Known for their lively and energetic performances, this is a band that is now recognized as one of India's most touted young bands. Their fan base is filled with girls from colleges from across the country.

Landscapes of Life

Nature is the best philosopher in life. In silence it lays witness to everything happening around. And teaches us that awareness and sensations are more important than reactions. The Sun gives power while the Moon embodies love and peace. Poetry can be found even in the tiny nuances of nature such as in the mischief of the moon when hiding behind clouds.

Romeo and Juliet

One of Shakespeare's most popular and performed plays, Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families. The is the first Broadway staging in 36 years and retains Shakespeare's language while moving the setting to contemporary times in which the warring Montague and Capulet families are of different ethnicities.

Feast On Seven Fishes

This season, at Olive enjoy a feast that comprises of Mediterranean dishes. Their seven course tasting menu will serve local seafood that will be paired with wines. The dishes include Steamed Mussels, Linguine and Clam served with almonds and chilli flakes and finally, the provincial, balanced, Crabmeat Tortellini, garnished with Red peppers and asparagus.

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