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The Treesome Cafe

The Treesome Cafe is mostly a mix of pubgrub stalwarts comfort foods, pizzas, burgers, bhel, kheema pao et al, creatively served (sometimes over the top). Beyond bits of mild nonsense and odd affectation are real merit and considerable merriment.


This retrospective on Chittaprosad, celebrates his triumph over the circumstances of his highly principled life which he devoted completely to art. The show previously been showcased in Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi and Birla Academy of Art and Culture in 2011.

Chai Malhar

There is nothing more divine than a piping cup of tea with fried munchies. Visit Tiffinbox etc, for their special monsoon offer which they call Chai Malhar. Enjoy a cup of tea here with Bhajias such as Kanda Bhajia, Moongdaal bhajia and more. They have a special menu created for Chai Malhar that includes Khasta Kachoris, Samosas and much more.

Miss Melera Live

This will be Miss Melera's first time in India. She is a dance music artist from The Netherlands who has been perfecting her art for the past 10 years. With her base strong in techno, progressive and house music, she has moved on to give dance music an edge uniquely her own. Catch her in action this July at the swankiest venue in town.

Monsoon Special

With the rain drops hitting your face while you stand by the sea looking at the tides collapsing at the land's end or a cup of hot tea and a plate of fried kanda bhaji to share with your loved ones. We understand that eating out just anywhere in this season might not be wisest thing to do, so read on to find out about restaurants in the maximum city that are making the most of the crazy rains!

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