What's Hot in Mumbai

Tijuana Iguana

As soon as you walk in, through the green light haze, the Iguana eyes stare from the large looming poster. Three smallish rooms (on different levels) make up this new Fort restaurant, set up by American businessman Jai Lalwani, who runs hotels and similar 'Ameri-Mex' concept bars in the US. We stopped at the bar for a drink and moved up the steps to the tiny space with sofas for dinner.

Rampuri Festival

Rampur is famous for Kababs and Mughal cuisine. Celebrate the exuberance at the Sofitel Mumbai BKC's Indian restaurant Jyran. The special menu includes Master Chef Shaukat Ali Qureshis compilation of specialties like Mutton yakini shorba, Aloo chilgoza tandoori, Chapli Kebab, Murg al Jyran and more. Along with good food enjoy Sufi and Gazal music everyday for lunch and dinner.

Shuffle Demons Live

Make way for Canada's iconic, high energy, award winning jazz funksters, the Shuffle Demons. They are a unique blend of virtuosic jazz, funk, RnB, Rap, Hip Hop, Reggae, World music, avant-garde and more with eye-catching costumes and over the top stage antics.

Polish Film Festival

The 'Kinoteka' Polish Film Festival is here with a brilliantly diverse line-up of films. Presented by the Polish Institute, the festival celebrates the best of Polish cinema.

New Eateries In Mumbai

November is drawing to a close and so is the year, but instead of winding down, the city that never sleeps is working hard to claim the title of the 'city that always eats' with a slew of fresh launches. Mumbai is buzzing with activity and we keep hearing about new eateries and bars in the works, so we did a little snooping around and have rounded up some scoops for you on the 7 new ventures that have opened their doors recently or will do so soon enough.

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