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Heng Bok

Kudos for the deft use of kimchi, that spicy, tangy tangle of fermented vegetables, in many of the dishes, be it Jjigae (soups) hot pots, barbecues. They even serve up Korean sushi and Korean dim sum. And for Japanese buffs there is sashimi and sushi too. Spicy food and pork-belly lovers this is your heaven. It's called Gochujang Sangyupsal (pork-belly imported from Belgium is marinated in Gochujang a spicy Korean chilli paste).

Celebrate Bandra

Nothing symbolizes the spirit of Bandra better than its unique soundscape, and the wide and varied music that fills its streets and hamlets. From Frank Sinatra to the crooners of Bandra Gymkhana, from the festivities of the Koliwadas to the soft guitars strumming at Perry road, they have it all! This year at Celebrate Bandra they've pulled out all stops to make it a really exciting one.

Digital Om Night

It's Digital Om night at the blueFROG with some amazing performances by Middle Mode, Starlab and Triptone. It's a night of unique sounds from Indian and Serbian artists. Make sure you don't miss it.


When you give a scope to dialogue to people from two separate generations there is always a lot to argue, learn and talk. Nanimaa is a gujarati play about Charulata – 87 year old nani and her 30 year old grandson Aarish. The two of them meet after a gap of 20 years. They get chatty over topics ranging from marriage, politics, career and more. Watch the play to see how the two of them teach each other lessons for a lifetime.

Jashn - e - Biryani

Each month Neel focuses on one traditional preparation and celebrates the flavours. This time on they are preparing numerous batches of flavoursome biryanis for the guests. The menu has been designed by Chef Mukhtar Qureshi has used ingredients such as green olives, jackfruit, beetroot and pinenuts. You could hog on from Biryani and Pulao specialties from regions of India such as Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kashmir, North West Frontier Province and Amritsar.

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