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Fat Mans Cafe

We all love the name of this tiny cafe. The cheery, white-walled ambiance too. Open through the day, eggs, sandwich, and burger kind of menu here. The opinion is unanimous that though not exceptional or outstanding, most of the dishes are tasty, generously portioned and moderately priced. I ate here twice and the food had definitely improved.

4 New Dessert Stops in Mumbai

This festive season, we suggest you break free from boring old mithai and try out the 4 new dessert stops in Mumbai. And just to sweeten the deal, we've gone ahead and sampled their goods in advance, so you know what to hog on!

Aladdins Untold Story Of JAFAR

Aladdin had a magical lamp where a genie lived. At the same time Aladdin meets his dream girl, Princess Jasmine, and thinks he'll live the most perfect life. Jafar, an evil sorcerer enters their life and turns things upside down. Jafar was ready to do everything he could do be the master of the genie's lamp. After a long, hard battle between Aladdin and Jafar, Jafar was thrown in a dungeon from where he could never return. However, Jafar manages to escape from prison.

Kid Friendly Brunch

Sit back and relax over a relaxing lunch with your kids at Tilt All Day this weekend. The brunch menu includes breakfast options such as made to order eggs, waffles, pancakes, breakfast rolls and wholesome options such as pizzas, flat breads, fish and chips, lamb stroganoff, and cottage cheese steak.

Simply The Blues

This is one of the finest Blues festivals in the country and this year on they have Britain's legendary blues artists, the Mick Clarke band performing for the first time in India. Watch the band put its best music out live on this evening.

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