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The Irish House

Large (that word again) portions of deep fried fare (be it the blistering chilli poppers oozing cheese, or the fleshy mushrooms crunchy with pine nuts) is tasty. I try the Chicken tacos, Beer Can Chicken, cordon bleu, and Grande nachos, pail of Popcorn et al. Chicken tenders are better in Kala Ghoda but otherwise all the rest of the fare satisfies.

Alternative Music Venues

With open spaces, anyway a luxury in Mumbai, there is a lot more room to sway and soak in the melodies. A concert by the beach or in a garden under the clear sky is a dream, but with the changing gig scene, that day isn't far away. So here's our list of unconventional venues that host great gigs and events you must check out!

Nanok Live

Jai "Nanok" Vaswani (Black Flower Music) started DJing in Mumbai at the age of 15 at almost every club in south Mumbai as a guest DJ playing mainly commercial sets. He moved to London for two years to study music production and then released his first English electronic album "Bitter". "Bitter" is an entirely home produced electronic album aiming to show off the local, undiscovered talent existing in Mumbai.

Secrets of Thai Cooking

This is a great opportunity for budding cooks! Make your own Thai food after being a part of this cooking demonstration class. Godrej Nature's Basket gives all the foodies an opportunity to get comfortable with the major ingredients of Thai cuisine. Learn about the flavours, ingredients and techniques in cooking Thai food in your own kitchen.


Ank's Anji is a story of Anjali Sharma looking for her dream man. She is 30 years of age but unlike her sister she is unmarried and in search of a perfect match. Anjali is the sole bread earner of the family and due to that her parents do not find a match for her fearing financial issues.

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