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Cafe Nemo

What's in a name? Plenty! Coz when you go looking for this three-month-old Worli cafe you do feel a bit like Nemo. For the uninformed, Captain Nemo was the seafaring adventurer in Author Jules Vernes book. The decor and the eclectic, adventurous menu reflect that.

Meal In A Bowl

A meal in a bowl is the perfect go to option for a quick lunch or even a takeaway, especially in this weather. So we slurped, forked and spooned our way through the city's finest offerings and here’s our verdict.

Rinse Cycle

Rinse Cycle is a two woman sketch show about life as a young-ish female in India. It looks at the intricacies of dating, marriage, motherhood and everything in between.

Diwali Gala Buffet

Diwali is just around the corner and to celebrate the festival with delicious food, head to TiffinBox etc to dig into their Gala Lunch Buffet. This buffet is specially designed keeping the festive season in mind with exclusive cuisines from Delhi, Rajasthan and Mumbai.

Aladdins Untold Story Of JAFAR

Aladdin had a magical lamp where a genie lived. At the same time Aladdin meets his dream girl, Princess Jasmine, and thinks he'll live the most perfect life. Jafar, an evil sorcerer enters their life and turns things upside down.

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