What's Hot in Mumbai

Eat Thai

Many surprises ahead! 'Love Thai neighbour' is the tagline to Bandra's latest Thai eatery and guess who says 'Kap Kun Khap' (bon appetit)? The question is will you love Thai neighborhood, casual, modern eatery? Read on.

Nityan Unnikrishnan Solo

Nityan Unnikrishnan is showcasing his latest collection of work in a solo project at Chatterjee & Lal. He uses his keen sense of design to create paintings from a myriad of sources both real and imaginary; these include elements from his childhood and his working life. He creates a dynamic relationship between the individual and the landscape. These surreal inversions of reality take the viewer to the interior world of the subject and, by default, the artist himself.

Superwoman: World Tour

Coming straight from Unicorn Island, catch YouTube sensation Lilly Singh a.k.a. Superwoman in Mumbai for a jam-packed night filled with music, dance, laughter, and so many surprises.

Battle Of Da Sexes

A laugh riot is coming your way as the undisputed king of cutting-edge humour, Vir Das, is set to take you all on a comedy ride with the Battle Of Da Sexes. Men and women have walked the Earth for centuries and for all this time, they have been pitted against each other in a never-ending war. Imagine a battle not with armies and gunpowder but with bellies and eyeliner. The winner can only be one - either a man or a woman.

7 New Eateries + Bars

The slump in Mumbai weather is not deterring restaurateurs from debuting their babies for the world. There are brand new concepts and imports, which were long awaited, making it to our list of the seven new establishments that have (and will be) breaking into the city's food scene over the next few weeks.

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