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The Irish House

Large (that word again) portions of deep fried fare (be it the blistering chilli poppers oozing cheese, or the fleshy mushrooms crunchy with pine nuts) is tasty. I try the Chicken tacos, Beer Can Chicken, cordon bleu, and Grande nachos, pail of Popcorn et al. Chicken tenders are better in Kala Ghoda but otherwise all the rest of the fare satisfies.

Bhaag Bawa Bhaag

Bhaag Bawa Bhaag is based on a true story. The protagonist Zubin Baxter has gone on his honeymoon to Mount Abu, where he suddenly finds his wife missing. He has to run from pillar to the post to find his wife, which is why the play is titled Bhaag Bawa Bhaag.

Neuromotor Live

This August, feel the after effect of Psychedelic music as the big daddy of psy-trance is back in India! The premium live entertainment hub of the city presents Belgium superstar Neuromotor aka Frederic Talaa. With a passion for music from an early age, Frederic started learning piano and later went on to writing and composing songs.

La Fondue

A warm Fondue is perfect way to enjoy rains. Head to Farrokh Khambata's Amadeus to indulge in their presents a special monsoon addition "La Fondue". The menu is created with goodness of melted Swiss Gruyere Cheese, White Wine, Kirsch liqueur accompanied by crusty bread, char grilled baby potatoes , cocktail Onions and Pickled Gherkins.

Vidyarthi Vishesh

Vidyarthi Vishesh Phase IV is a group show of compositions by young artists. The exhibit displays selected compositions by Medha Abhay Thale, Deepak Soma Kocharekar, Zain Shaikh, Dinesh Muralidhar Chaudhari, Mihir Wairkar, Alankar Shinde, Suraj Krishna Naqwanshi, Sayali Satyavijay Mundye, Foram Sachde and Vaibhav Naik.

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