What's Hot in Mumbai

Tijuana Iguana

As soon as you walk in, through the green light haze, the Iguana eyes stare from the large looming poster. Three smallish rooms (on different levels) make up this new Fort restaurant, set up by American businessman Jai Lalwani, who runs hotels and similar 'Ameri-Mex' concept bars in the US. We stopped at the bar for a drink and moved up the steps to the tiny space with sofas for dinner.

Mumbai Farmers Market

An initiative by Karen Anand, Mumbai Farmers' Market will be the hub of high quality and exceptional Indian and international produce. This market will have above 80 exhibitors bringing their fresh produce, cheese and cold cuts, patisserie, gourmet products, lifestyle wares, wineries that will feature local and imported wines, and much more.

Euphoria Live

In 1998 we saw an explosion with Euphoria emerging into the Indian music scene. This small band from New Delhi had unleashed their first single 'Dhoom' from their debut album and everyone was going crazy over it. It's been 16 years since the band emerged and youth icon Palash Sen continues to redefine the music scene till today. On November 21, Euphoria will celebrate their sixteenth anniversary with a concert for all their fans.

The Buckingham Secret

The Buckingham Secret is an English play by Silly Point production. The play is about the British Royal family that resides in Buckingham Palace. There is a well kept family secret that only the royal butler knows. The family has a royal image for the world but behind the locked doors of the palace, they have different identities that the world is unaware of. What will happen if the commoners get to know this?

Best In Stand Up

It is time to experience the best comedians at the most hilarious stand-up show. All this is happening at the one and only comedy venue in the country. Catch Earl Oakin, Brij Bhakta, and Karunesh Talwar do what they do best.

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