What's Hot in Mumbai

The Treesome Cafe

The Treesome Cafe is mostly a mix of pubgrub stalwarts comfort foods, pizzas, burgers, bhel, kheema pao et al, creatively served (sometimes over the top). Beyond bits of mild nonsense and odd affectation are real merit and considerable merriment.

Scattered Windows

Watch stories of eight women in one inspiring documentary. The film tries to capture thoughts of these urban women. Watch the docudrama for the dialogue between the ladies about love, loss, loneliness, marriage and more. Men, you might get to know a bit about what women actually want!

Sizzle Festino

The weather outside is just perfect to indulge in a sizzling range of Italian delicacies. Spaghetti Kitchen launches Sizzle Festino - a festival of sizzling Italian masterpieces. The special menu includes dishes such as Grilled Polenta Spiced Fruit Salsa, Cheesy Barbeque Cottage Cheese, Barbeque Skewers, Jerk Chicken, Blackened Fish and Slow Cooked Chicken Breasts.

Under Dress and Under Pay

If you are feeling too lazy to dress up, then this night is tailor made for you. Take a swig at Bonobo as they celebrate an old school night! Binge on BBQ eats and drinks and eat to your heart's content at old school prices. The treats includes Corn on the Cob, Bacon Cheese Fries, Chicken or Pork Hot Dog and the likes. Drinks include the choice of Jose Cuervo, Jagermeister, Jameson, Absolut and much more.

Mumbai Local

There's never a dull day when you are eating out in Mumbai, but the change of weather has also brought along several changes in the restaurant scene. From revamps to imports, we have a whole new list of places to try in the city. So put your best rain gear on and brave the showers to head out for some good food that will warm you up with our ready reckoner of everything new worth trying out!

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