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The Treesome Cafe

The Treesome Cafe is mostly a mix of pubgrub stalwarts comfort foods, pizzas, burgers, bhel, kheema pao et al, creatively served (sometimes over the top). Beyond bits of mild nonsense and odd affectation are real merit and considerable merriment.

Bombay Local

A whole new range of food stalls ranging from American sliders, fries with sauces, Mexican bowls, pizza platters, healthy treats, sandwiches and more. This pop up gives you a chance to shop for all kinds of food products such as organic milk, dips, sauces, non veg pickles, quick snacks, handmade chocolates, cold pressed juices, butters, cookies, bakes, cake pops, teas and ice cream. Fashion, accessories, bags, home decor and lots more are in store for you too!

The Sundowner

This Sunday, head to Cafe Zoe, for a sundowner by Myra Vineyards. The evening will see electrifying music by M.MAT (aka) Mathieu Josso and BHAVISHIYAVANI Future Soundz. Sample Myra wines, groove to the beats of artists along with delicious food from Cafe Zoe's kitchen. Mark your calendar as you can't miss this one.

So Many Socks

This wonderful play is inspired by writer, poet and also Tibetan activist Tenzin Tsundue's poetry collection, namely Kora. By exploring poetry, this play also gives rise to questions regarding individual identity, belonging to a place and at same time addresses the concern of Tibetans living in India.

Best Food Mobile Apps

Offline - a much dreaded feeling creeps in whenever we think of this word. Our generation is touted as the biggest mobile consumers with a staggering one billion smartphones in use globally, and we love to flaunt our toys and go to extreme lengths to keep our gadgets updated. With our way of life now going online 24/7 - be it to stay in touch with our friends or seeking help for anything under the sun - we want everything we need to run our day-to-day functions on our handhelds. And now that we

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