What's Hot in Mumbai

25 Parganas

The brand new, open-for-dinner only stylish, fine dine Bengali restaurant of Sahara Star serves up authentic and delicious fare. If it increases its portions and decreases its prices it will have us going back for more.

Mumbai Local: Winter Is Coming

It's time to get hearty and tuck into heart warming fare. And just before the season turns, we reckon it's time to get your fill of cold brew at Tapped Craft Beer Festival, which is where we are gonna be this weekend.

Tattoo Convention

6th Indian Ink Tattoo and Lifestyle Expo Mumbai, brings to you not only some of the world's best tattoo masters, but also showcases many of today's young and up-coming artists and lifestyle experts. The 6th Indian Ink Mumbai International Tattoo Expo 2014 is a tattoo convention put on by India's 1st Tattoo Convention Organizers and promises world class body art, artists, and lifestlye products all weekend long.

The Big Mic

With a view to raising the bar for spoken word poetry in the city, The Big Mic invites the best poets in the city to take shot at poetic supremacy; here's Poetry On The Big Mic.

Tapped Beer Fest

Tapped Beer Fest is a celebration of locally brewed craft beers from Gateway Brewing Co, Independence Brewing Co, Arbour Brewing Comnpany and Doolally along with some of the finest international beers from Yeast India Co.This unique festival is the first one we see in the city so make sure you buy your tickets.

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