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TimesCity Gourmet Week

American Express presents TimesCity Gourmet Week is a one-week culinary celebration across six cities. Showcasing Times Food Award winning restaurants in your city, it brings you critic curated, specially priced menus that will help you discover new favourites.

Kaal Chakra

Kaal Chakra is a Hindi play that focuses on the mental and physical suffering undergone by old couples these days. Children consider their parents to be a burden on them and are completely careless towards them. They are afraid of taking the responsibility of looking after their aged-parents.

Tribute to Pink Floyd

Covering bands as diverse as Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, The Doors, Iron Maiden and The Beatles, the band quickly rose to fame as one of the most popular bands in the city. Having performed at packed gigs all across India, The Wildside developed a cult fan following.


As he prepares to join the Israeli army for his national service, Joseph discovers he is not his parents' biological son, but that he was inadvertently switched at birth with Yassin, the son of a Palestinian family from the West Bank. This revelation turns the lives of these two families upside-down, forcing them to reassess their respective identities, their values and their beliefs.


Open only in the evening, this fairly new Andheri arrival is already rocking. Boveda ("vault" in Spanish) doesn't mean you go looking for Spanish food (there are a few dishes). Don't go for looking for dinner either, do go for a great night out (plenty of action) cocktails, well-plated starters (please see photo) and a lusty, young vibe. Rock on!

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