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Though Romano's home style Italian menu and cooking aren't particularly adventurous or inventive, (not enough vegetarian dishes) its dishes do a deft, unusual seesaw between heartiness and delicacy. These strengths and the restaurant's macho cozy setting will take Romano's a long way.

Older. Angrier. Hairier.

New York-based comedian Radhika Vaz is back with her sophomore effort, Older Angrier Hairier. Having turned 40, this time Vaz focuses on challenges of ageing in a culture that puts the value of youth at a pedestal, her decision to not have children and her struggle to overcome chores.

Semaine De La Francophonie

Half a billion Francophones around the world will celebrate International Day of Francophonie on 20 March. This event began in 1998 as a way for the 49 members of Francophone countries to celebrate their common bond, the French language, as well as their diversity. The International Organisation of La Francophonie represents one of the biggest linguistic zones in the world. Its members share more than just a common language. They also share the humanist values.

Season Bonanza

Hotel United 21 brings end of season bonanza. Get 30 per cent discount on lunch buffet, dinner buffet and midnight buffet at Blue Flame. Also, patrons can avail discount of 30 per cent on a la carte food at Spices & Sauces. Sip on your favourite beverages at Waves and get a discount of 25 per cent. You can also avail 10 per cent discount on club membership and 25 per cent discount on all spa treatments.

Tribute to Nusrat Ali Khan

Dhruv Sangari is a renowned Sufi music performer in India. He was trained and also given guidance by the legendary Qawwali and Classical maestro late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He is part of the Dehli based "Rooh" Ensemble. The troupe shall be paying tribute to the late maestro by performing the timeless poetic works of the great master, embodying the mystic message of peace, love and joy.

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