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This specialty restaurant at JW Marriott, offers diners the best of Italian and Tuscan hospitality. Designed like an amphitheatre with a show kitchen, the ambience is quite dramatic and adds to the overall experience. One must try their Schiacciata, Tortelloni Di Anatra and Bunet Pimontese.

Bombed: Hindi Play

Bombed is a light hearted take at today's weed loving urban youth, the city we live in, religion and how our paranoia about terrorism warps our lives and our relationships with neighbours and friends.

World Street Food Festival

Big Pitcher presents World Street Food Festival. This festival provides customer with an opportunity to savour the world street food this entire month. The cuisines on offer ranges from Indian, Middle Eastern and American to Mexican Anglo Eastern and West Indies region throughout this month.

Helga Paris Photography

The photographs are remarkably captured with emotion and sensitivity depicting life in former East Germany. This travelling exhibition comes to India from the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, to promote the international cultural exchange. Robert Paris, son of the photographer, who lives in India inaugurated the event.

World Guitar Nights

Windmills Craftworks presents a jazz theatre exclusive titled World Guitar Nights with Konarak Reddy. This evening features the best guitarists invited from all over the world to come and share their mastery of guitar craft and their individual styles and techniques. The musicians will first perform themselves and then with other musicians in the line up. They encompass a variety of styles like rock, jazz, blues, Flamenco, Brazilian and Indian.

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