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Rajdhani Remix! From Allegro to Adagio, the food has been taken up a notch and the tempo is more relaxed. This feast is now served in three courses like appetizers, main thali and desserts, at a pace that allows you to savour every morsel.

Standup: Daniel Fernandes

Making people laugh is a rare talent and well known standup comedian Daniel Fernandes bid adieu to a promising career in advertising for this talent. Needless to say that he is passionate about making people laugh.

Christmas Treats

A good friend once told us that her earliest memory of Christmas was the smell of fresh plum cake baking in the oven of her grandmothers kitchen and that first whiff of homemade molten chocolate sauce.

New Years Eve

Celebrate this New Year's Eve at The Mine where DJ Ronnie will take you through the night. He will play the best of Hip Hop and Bollywood music. You get to hog on unlimited IML, starters and a lavish buffet.

Christmas Eve Dinner

Alto Vino welcomes you spend Christmas Eve dinner with a large buffet spread. This buffet will contain Christmas favourites like Black forest ham, Smoked Salmon and traditional Christmas desserts. There will also be a live band playing Christmas songs to keep up the holiday spirit.

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