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Screens are an architectural feature of this elegant restaurant, which also serve to ensure a modicum of privacy. Do try the Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Lobster and Palak Patta Chaat.

The War Of Seeds

La Guerre Des Graines is a French documentary that will show you the heart of the seed market. In Europe, a law to forbid the farmer to use their own seeds will soon be effective. Of course, the five biggest seed companies contributed to the creation of this law. This documentary is about the alternatives to the multinational seed companies found by the farmers and the scientists all around the world.

Recipes Using Curd

Yoghurt or curd is a quintessential part of every Indian kitchen. Across regions, no Indian meal is complete without some form of dahi we eat it as raita, drink it as lassi, marinate our meats and even cook our gravies with it. If you love this daily dairy as much as we do, here are some easy and innovative recipes that make dahi the star.

Swan Lake 3D

Swan Lake 3D is the modern day classic, a story of a princess, Odette. The film will be telecasted in 3D version for the first time in India. This ballet performance has won over 30 international theatre awards, which includes three Tonys and an Olivier.

Anne Paceo Live

Alliance Francasis in collaboration with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations presents Anne Paceo, French Jazz drummer. At just 28 years of age, Anne Paceo played in more than 34 different countries. This year she will be accompanied by Leonardo Montana on piano, Stephane Kerecki on double Bass, Pierre Perchaud on electric guitar and Antonin Tri Hoang on Sax and Clarinette Basse.

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