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Screens are an architectural feature of this elegant restaurant, which also serve to ensure a modicum of privacy. Do try the Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Lobster and Palak Patta Chaat.

The Art Of Plating

As soon as the food arrives on your table, the first thing we do is savour it with our eyes. For any good chef, the art of arranging each component of a dish on a carefully selected dishware is an integral part, but we can use some of their lessons at home to make even boring every day fare look exciting.

European Union Film Festival

Alliance Francaise De Chandigarh and Bhargava Auditiorium present the 20th European Union Film Festival. The Chandigarh edition of the festival will go on for 12 days and will feature 21 award winning movies showcasing different genre of European Cinema.Some of the movies featuring in the festival are - The Foreigner, A Place called Home, The Last Sentence and others.

Africa Magica

Barbeque Nation presents a sneak peek into the wildness of Africa with their African food festival. Savour signature dishes like Kuku Paka, Belafonte prawns, Piri Piri Tangdi and the vegetarian delights like Couscous Stuffed Tomatoes and Congo Paneer Steak. The exotic beverages included in menu like Jungle Safari Sangria and West African Iced Chocolate Drink will cool you off this summer.

The Future Of Food

Insect eating, scientifically termed as Entomophagy, is an age-old tradition.In fact, food scientists and food trend watchers have predicted that there will be a scarcity of meat in the future and insects might eventually become our main source of protein. Curious enough? Read on to know more!

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