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A well-designed space on the first floor of this delightful hotel that has taken the city by storm, Oregano has an open kitchen, and is presided over by an Italian chef. The upshot is that you will be offered a small menu, but one that is changed frequently.

The War Of Seeds

La Guerre Des Graines is a French documentary that will show you the heart of the seed market. In Europe, a law to forbid the farmer to use their own seeds will soon be effective. Of course, the five biggest seed companies contributed to the creation of this law. This documentary is about the alternatives to the multinational seed companies found by the farmers and the scientists all around the world.

4 Ingredient Sandwich Recipes

It is not uncommon for nightbirds like us to find our stomach rumbling at 2am, especially on days we have forgotten to stock our fridge. And while calling midnight delivery spots might be an easy option, we have got you an even quicker solution just so you do not have to go through the ordeal of a sleepless night on an empty stomach ever again. Our quick and easy 4 ingredient sandwich recipes can be rustled up at any time.

Contemporary Multimedia Art

Bombay settled Soazic Guezennec is a French artist and is known for her multimedia work mix painting, video, installations, sculpture and paper. She is a romantic artist and explores the planet to observe the beauty of the nature and see how fragile but also how resistant it can be. For this exhibition, she has created an imaginary real estate agency which will take existing architectural projects to incorporate wild nature elements into it.

Anne Paceo Live

Alliance Francasis in collaboration with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations presents Anne Paceo, French Jazz drummer. At just 28 years of age, Anne Paceo played in more than 34 different countries. This year she will be accompanied by Leonardo Montana on piano, Stephane Kerecki on double Bass, Pierre Perchaud on electric guitar and Antonin Tri Hoang on Sax and Clarinette Basse.

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