Sound Thoma
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  • Synopsis Sound Thoma is about a man with a cleft-lip and a bad voice. The film portrays the humiliation he su... ...more
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Critic Review

Sound Thoma is about a man with a cleft-lip and a bad voice. The film portrays the humiliation he suffers due to his deformities and the way he overcomes all his problems.

Critic Review

Of all the smudgy comic sequences in Sound Thoma, the worst happens in the middle of the narrative. The scene is shared by two characters with physical challenges; Thoma (Dileep) and another character with a lame leg played by Suraj Venjaramoodu. Thoma asks his servant for a cup of tea. The servant gives him a hot cup. When Thoma asks why he was late, servant replies that there were ants in sugar jar. Thoma nods, slowly sips the tea and then spits it off. "What is this?' asks an angry Thoma to which the servant replies: "I told you there were ants in the sugar jar and I put ant-powder to kill them." It's not just the staleness of the joke that mars this scene. The entire sequence appears subverted. It is as though a comic scene had to be fitted in and a tepid joke was employed, a technique that mostly suits dramas than films. Sound Thoma, which is about a youth with a deformed face and a defective voice, neither evokes sympathy nor laughter. Right from the first scene, the comic vein in this film is jaded. As for sympathy, a growling, grumbling villain with gigantic frame has to thrash Thoma for his villagers and his sweet-heart to feel for him. If Sound Thoma has to work, it will be purely on the expectation of how a cleft-lipped youth would woo his lover or win over his fellow villagers. Both appear flimsy for the romantic sequences lack the usual perkiness which Dileep is blessed with. As for comedy, there is nothing that the writer doesn't try out. A coconut climber rides sporty bikes, strokes his i-pad and so on but all in vain. For the most part Sound Thoma is a disappointment with its caricatured actors enacting a contrived drama with a sense of predictability. Even the attempts to partake of the feelings of a man deprived of a normal face never strike a chord for the sequences lack conviction.

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