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Coco Jaunt 1728

Coco Jaunt 1728 is about three people who love to travel, and love chocolate. The 1728 comes from the exact time they decided on the name. So, I make the jaunt right across Chennai and get there one afternoon to see the place has a basic travel theme.

Moulded Perfection

Presented as part of the Auroville Fest, Moulded Perfections is an exhibition of beautiful rustic ceramic creations by artists Nele Martens and Rakhee Kane.

W&W Live

Sunburn will be hosting a party with performances by W&W, DJ Anish Sood, (S)haan to celebrate the 50th episode of India's most popular online radio show Sunburn On Air.

Film Screenings

Alliance Francaise of Madras is screening two French animation films Aya in the Yop City and A Cat in Paris, this month.

Crepe Fest

Spoonbill invites all crepe lovers for a month long festival that offers the best of lip-smacking crepes.

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