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Situated in the Express Avenue Mall, and part of their E hotel, Entree is an airy, bright buffet dining option and is pure vegetarian. White and green chairs give one the feeling of eco-friendliness, while the window seat overlooks greenery, of which Chennai has abundance.

The Lotus

Japanese artist Yuriko Lochan is showcasing a collection of work reflected the eternal theme titled The Lotus.

What Will People Say

A situational comedy set in Bombay, revolves around the lives of 6 young aspiring actors living together in a studio apartment in all innocence, they are doing this for economic security.

Aikya 2015

Aikya is an annual fundraiser concert showcasing Indian culture in a unifying way through music. In its 5th edition, the theme of this year concert is Violins, Voices and Values.

Sizzle Festival

Indulge into a month long steamy affair with Hard Rock Cafe as they present an array of vegetarian and non vegetarian sizzlers with a contemporary blend of flavours at their, Sizzle Festival.

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