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Lavash is a new restaurant. It is all set to please, and is doing things right. Coriander Pesto can make all the difference to a simple Roasted Tomato Soup, I think, taking one sip after the other. It is hot, fresh and tasty in a different sort of way. I am particularly impressed with the moistness of the Chicken Harissa. It is well marinated and perfectly balanced.

Painting Exhibition: Geetha

The Leela Galleria is showcasing a collection of some unique paintings by artist Geetha Sundar. She is an artist who never begins to work with the end result in mind. She just lets her hand take over the canvas and goes with the flow.

Dehlavi Signatures

Reminisce the Delhi of yore as the chefs at Cafe Mercara Express and Madras Pavilion present the diverse and authentic dishes of Dehlavi cuisine. The special menu has been extensively researched and created by guest Chef Manisha Bhasin. Surrender your taste buds to a lavish northern feast.

Trivial Disasters: Play

Trivial Disasters comprises eight comic sketches that take human absurdities and everyday silly incidents, turn them upside down and make you roll on the floor laughing. Ranging from two to twelve minute acts, the play features serial killers, nervous lovers, inept kidnappers and hot-headed poets.

Shameless Mani Live

One of India's finest DJs and producers, Shameless Mani is performing live at Pasha. He is currently a member of India's leading event management team, Skyways, which has hit the international market. He also has partnered up with various events and concerts making him one of Mumbai's busiest DJs.

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