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Lavash is a new restaurant. It is all set to please, and is doing things right. Coriander Pesto can make all the difference to a simple Roasted Tomato Soup, I think, taking one sip after the other. It is hot, fresh and tasty in a different sort of way. I am particularly impressed with the moistness of the Chicken Harissa. It is well marinated and perfectly balanced.

Cadences Of A New Dialect

Famous artist Murali Nagapuzha is hosting an exhibition of his latest line of works under the title 'Cadences of a new life' at Forum Art Gallery. He is a self-taught artist who belongs to Kerala. His inspiration for art came from the state where he grew up.

Terracotta Warriors Fest

Sian is presenting delicious food from the land of the Terracotta Warriors. The head chef and his team have spent a lot of time researching the best way to present this menu, which dates back to 210 BC. It promises to be fiery and flavoursome.


Krishna: Musical in English is a classical dance drama that portrays Krishna, the man, his philosophy and why he is beyond comprehension. It takes you on a beautiful journey, transversing from Vrindavan to Kurukshetra, through Mathura.

Sri Jayanthi Festival

The fifth Sri Jayanthi music festival is being organized at the Obul Reddy Hall. The eight-day festival aims to promote the sayings of Shri Jayanthi Guru and will feature a string of music and dance performances by various solo and group artists.

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