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Zingo Starr

The quintessential neighbourhood bar where friends gather to meet. It has all the fixings: the interiors are all-wood, rugged and the chairs are mis-matched. The drinks may be the reason why the place is so crowded, but the food is more than adequate too.

Quijote Puppet Show

Bambalina Puppet Theatre Company retells the story of Don Quixote, a Spanish epic written in the 17th century by Miguel de Cervantes in a puppetry form.

Shades Of Summer

Art Laureate presents a group exhibition titled Shades of Summer. On display will be a collection of beautiful artwork depicting life in rural India.

Melon Magic

In this season of melons, Lodi is offering a three course meal with different types of melons as the core ingredient.

M.MAT & Sandunes

Antisocial is bringing an evening of EDM and underground music with Sandunes and M.Mat.

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