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Ssence has an upbeat vibe: packed with western tourists and locals on a Monday evening, to the strains of evergreen classics from the 1970s, the old-time Suryaa appears to have metamorphosed into an animated space.

Buzz Funk Live

Uforia features UK's legend singer Balwindr Safri Fp with DJ Sumit Sethi and his band Buzz Funk. The event will include music by international dholis and jugalbandi performances.

An Evening With The Godfather

Papa CJ is presenting An Evening with The Godfather: Harith Iskander In Concert. Known as the Godfather of Malaysian stand-up comedy, Iskander has been in this business for above 21 years and has explored different aspects of stage performance.

Couture Show Party

After a dull summer season, the capital came back to life at the Autumn Winter Couture show by Shantanu and Nikhil Mehra at JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity. Everyone admired the appetizers which had been inspired by the idea to combine fashion and food and were specially crafted for the event.

Orgasm - A Tiny Little Death

This stage presentation is a series comprising four different monologues that address the issue of female oppression. This is a theatrical collaboration of Dario Fo and Rame and uses mime, story telling, stand up comedy and burlesque.

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