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Ssence has an upbeat vibe: packed with western tourists and locals on a Monday evening, to the strains of evergreen classics from the 1970s, the old-time Suryaa appears to have metamorphosed into an animated space.

Tribute to AC/DC

Heaven Down comes back in a brand new avatar to pay tribute to one of the most successful bands in the history of rock n roll, AC/DC. Also considered pioneers of heavy metal, AC/DC are an Australian rock band formed in 1973 by Malcolm and Angus Young.

Chaska Dilli Ka

Celebrate Monsoon at Radisson Blu with the aroma and taste of Chaska Dilli Ka. The festival will feature some of the most unique and traditional delicacies of Old Delhi. There is also a buffet special.

Frozen Cocktails

This monsoon season, stay cool and refreshed with exotic frozen cocktails at the New Town Cafe. Choose from a delightful selection of blended frozen cocktails like Banana Daiquiri, Kappa Colada, Blue Bayou, Hawaiian Margarita and many more.

Speak Truth

This is a story about Shabrati, a servant who is an expert in managing any kind of situation, which may even include the path of falsification. He lives with a family of a scientist, who has dedicated all his life into the making of a pill, which gets the truth out of any person who gulps the pill.

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