What's Hot in Delhi/NCR

Lutyens Cocktail House

Just above the Jaguar showroom in this three-storeyed building opposite the Meridien Hotel is the newest restaurant in this well-located part of town. You can hold a meeting over snacks, read a book, have lunch for two or drinks with loud music in the evening. Incidentally, the music system manages to fulfill two opposing qualities with ease: you can hold a conversation at normal levels, yet in another part of the restaurant, you can dance to the same music.

Trippy Tuesdays

Barsoom returns with its flagship Trippy Tuesday bringing together upcoming talent in various music genres. This time, the evening will be dedicated to progressive psy and will have performances by Ananda and Lusid.

Riders Of The Mist

The English documentary Riders of the Mist is about a century-old bareback pony racing tradition in the state of Assam, India.

Summer Salads

This summer season, treat yourself to a fresh and cool meal as Indian Grill Company has introduced a new menu for summer salads.


The Tragedy of Madbeth is an interactive physical comedy inspired by Shakespeare's classic. It revolves around one man, one throne, one crown and one hilariously tragic experience.

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