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Vasco Square

The hip and cool family place, with cocktails to pamper your palate and a menu to titillate has made a mark. A simple laminated sheet one for the bar and one for food (not the usual booklet one sees) with local caricatures bring to focus that here is a family restaurant with a difference.


Tease will host the Oktoberfest festival that brings a large gathering of people out to have beer and fun. The vibes of the age-old celebration of the harvest every year in Germany are now right here at Tease for your enjoyment.

Jappeloup: Movie Screening

Watch 2013 French movie Jappeloup, based on a true story about a showjumper who participated in the Seoul Olympics. Set in the start of the 1980s, the film is about Pierre Durand, who abandons a promising legal career and throws himself into his true passion, showjumping.

Cyklista Psychedelic Fest

Celebrate the season opening at a UV Bar with a four-day psychedelic trance festival. Line up consists of DJs Yay, Klim, Nath, Boga, Zannet, Twister, Psychosis, Cosmic Tune, Rob & Goose, Witch Doctor, Khaotic Mind, Glitohcraft, and Cosmiconeness.

Rhythm of Colours: Satya

Lose yourselves in the splash of colours with Bangalore-based watercolour artist Satya. Being interested in art since childhood, primarily a web designer, Satya set off on his journey through watercolour art after being introduced to an artist friend.

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