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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is the festival for giving thanks for the graces of a good harvest. A Thanksgiving dinner is typically centred on a large turkey roast. So,Ofen brings you a special dinner menu for Thanksgiving.


The satirical play is based on the famous story Hawalaat penned by playwright Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena. The story unfolds with the meeting of three youngster and a policeman on a chilly winter night and proceeds as an interrogation reveals how everyone has made a mockery of system and principles which were fabricated for our own good. The story tries to project as well as raise few critical issues that seem to have no permanent solutions in the democracy.

Easy Banana Recipes

Bananas are not just for monkeys! The nutrition-packed fruit has some awesome health benefits as well and should be a part of everyone's diet. Bananas actually belong to the berry family and its specialty lies in the unique fact that every part of this plant,be it the stem, leaf or flower and fruit, it is eaten or used in some form or the other. Not to forget that bananas are great to combat depression, cure hangovers, protect against kidney cancer and also diabetes.

Colossal Band Live

Hard Rock Cafe is hosting a musical night with Colossal this Thursday. The band will take you on a journey which not only shows you what music means to them, but it would even stir up that love for music which is hidden down in you. The band members include Danny on the vocals, David on the keyboard, Shane on the guitar and Vicky on the bass and drums.

Helga Paris Photography

On display will be photographs marvelously captured by the renowned German artist Helga Paris. The photographs are remarkably captured with emotion and sensitivity depicting life in East Germany.

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