What's Hot in Hyderabad

Chettinad Food Festival

Spice Junxion, Taj Deccan brings in authentic flavours of Chettinad for all the food lovers. Dig into the amazing flavours and aromas of delicacies like Uppu Urundai, Kaikari Kozhukattai, Badam Halwa, Javarisi Payasam, Kungamapoo Rava Kesari and much more.

The Dinner

'The Dinner' is based on Sulaiman Kakkodi's Malayalam play 'Tragedy at the dining table'. The plot revolves around the waiting of two chefs and their preparation for the Dinner.

Best Bars in Hyderabad

If your idea of a night out includes hitting a bar for drinks and socializing, then our Hyderabad guide is just what you need. Based on first-hand experience and extensive research,which means drinking a lot, but hey, it is for research,we have located the best bars in Hyderabad to linger at over drinks and pub grub.

Afrojack Live

The dance music giant, Afrojack takes over control at Country Club. A Dutch music producer and DJ, Afrojack was born and raised in Netherlands. Some of the popular tracks include 'Take Over Control', 'Give Me Everything' and 'Run The World'.He will be accompanied by Gregor Salto and Apster.

Reclaiming Voices

Soghra Khurasani will be exhibiting several forms of printmaking as well as new media works titled, Reclaiming Voices at Kalakriti Art Gallery. Her print work includes woodcut, etching and digital techniques. She will also be displaying video installations depicting her unclaimed voices as her last requiem. Through her artworks, she has tried to explore and express the ideas of beauty and violence.

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