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Relish Hyderabad

Get ready to experience one of the biggest food festivals titled, Relix Hyderabad at HITEX. Apart from best of kitchens, the festival will feature live entertainment, food market, cookery workshop, tasting sessions and much more.

Exhibition by Soazic Guazzenec

The venue is hosting an art exhibition by Soazic Guezennec. She is a French artist settled in Mumbai. Her multimedia work mix painting, video, installations, sculpture and paper. As an artist, she explores the planet to observe the beauty of the nature, to see how fragile but also how resistant it can be.

Swiss Film Festival

Goethe Zentrum is hosting four-day Swiss Film Festival. The films based on love, life and relationships will be showcased.


Leonia Holistic Destination in association with Musifix presents RESET, an electronic dance music showcase and a celebration of quality Indian talent.It will be featuring some of India's best electronic dance music artists/djs together along with the best of local talent, together at one big party.

Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin, the big fat orange vegetable from the gourd family is mostly associated with American festivals like Halloween and Thanksgiving (remember, the traditional pumpkin pie) and is believed to have emerged in the veggie clan around 5,500 BC in Mexico. In 2014, it may not entice many diners, but with some really amazing chef-twisted recipes, it will definitely find a sweet spot on your winter dinner table.

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