What's Hot in Hyderabad

East Coast Food Festival

The Square, Novotel Hyderabad Airport invites all the foodies in town to experience the contemporary essence of Bengali and Oriya cuisines at the East Coast Food Festival. Guests can savour dishes like Sorse Maach, Kosha Mangsho, Fried Mackarels and much more.

Reflected Reality

Kalakriti Art Gallery is hosting an art exhibition by artists from Kerala. The line-up of artists includes Murali Cheeroth, Reji K P, Saju Kunhan and Upendranath T.The exhibition will find the works based on outer reality and inner thinking.

Swiss Film Festival

Goethe Zentrum is hosting four-day Swiss Film Festival. The films based on love, life and relationships will be showcased.

Audio League Live

Audio League, formerly known as History Makers changed their name to emphasise their ideology as they dont make music to compete but they make music because they love doing it. Audio League is an alternative / grunge band which comprises Kshem on the guitar and vocal; Oswin on the guitar; Brain on the bass and Josh on the drums.

Diwali Around India

Diwali is no doubt huge in the Northern parts of the country, but there are rich traditions in the other parts of the country too. Our national team brings you a look at how different parts of the country spend this week and wish you a great Diwali.

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