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Friday BBQ

Alfresco is offering a wide range of Grills and Barbeques from all across the world every Friday in December. The chefs have put together a unique compilation of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies to present a meal comprising ingredients and traditional flavours such as Tenderloin Steaks, Spare Ribs, Jerk Spiced Chicken, Garlic Tossed Potatoes and Char Grilled Vegetables.

Baking Recipes For Christmas

It is that time of the year again, when revelry is in the air and festivities are a part of the daily routine, from planning weekend getaways to figuring out where to eat on Christmas.we bring you some easy baking recipes that are just perfect for everything from impromptu party plans to elaborate dinners.

The Dinner

The Dinner is based on Sulaiman Kakkodi Malayalam play Tragedy at the dining table. The plot revolves around the waiting of two chefs and their preparation for the Dinner. Aspirations, hopes, and strategies make the plot grow with its philosophical perspectives on life, fall and fortunes of human being. In short the play is truly meaningful in theme, style and approach.

Divine Raaga Live

Here is your chance to get grooving with contemporary carnatic rock music by the very talented Agam, which is a multiple award winning contemporary rock act from Bangalore.The members are Harish on vocals and violin, Swamy on the keyboards, Praveen on the guitars, Jagadish on the guitars, Vignesh on the bass, Ganesh on the drums and Shiva on the percussion.

City of Memories

Kalakriti Art Gallery is hosting a solo art show titled City of Memories by Akshay Anand. His works are very reminiscent to the old city of Hyderabad and are a sheer celebration of life and creativity.

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