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Goan Food Festival

Deccan Pavilion is hosting a nine days Goan Food Festival. Indulge in dishes such as the classic Prawn Stuffed Papad, Prawn Balchao, Fish Recheado, Vindaloo, Sorpotel, Chicken Xacuti, Chicken Cafreal and much more.

Kambaqht Sathe Ka Kya Karen

The story focuses on the tender relationship between married couple. It narrates the story of their life. Abhay is an ad filmmaker and Salma is a lecturer in a college. Both lead a happy married life, but face different tribulations in their professional lives.

Phoenix Band Live

Six-piece band, Phoenix is set to play at Aqua. The band is loved for its classic rock and reggae classics and features Arun Ruben on the vocals, Badri on the drums, Keith Thomas on the guitar and Lokhi Pai on the bass and rhythm guitar.

Constructing Forms

Kalakriti Art Gallery is hosting a painting exhibition that will have on display some of the fine Indian works by Janarthanan Rudhramoorthy, Elanchezhiyan Pichaikkannu, Ganesh Selvaraj, Kumaresan Selvaraj, Saravanan Parasuraman and Yuvraj.

5 Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Diet is a dreaded word with too many negative connotations associated around it. We always tell you to go out and eat, but that does not mean we dont give our system a break once in a while. This article is based on our own need to understand the different lifestyle choices (not diets) available out there.

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