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Cafe Mezzuna

When we visit Cafe Mezzuna a few times, in only few months of its trade, it is heaving! The menu exudes ample Mediterranean charm and promises homemade goodness along with kitchen table conversation. We strike a balance by ordering from almost every section of the men Char grilled Smokey Lamb Burger, Caramalized Goat Cheese salad with baby tomatoes, orange, toasted almonds in orange vinaigrette, Spicy Moroccan Lamb, herbed Feta, Fresh mint and Harissa drizzle Pizza and so on.

Zero De Conduite

As a part of their regular Cine Club screenings, Alliance Francaise Du Bengale presents the screening of the film Zero De Conduite directed by Jean Vigo.

Hilsa Festival

Monsoon is incomplete without the luscious Ilish and Marco Polo ensures it rains Hilsa all this month. Enjoy your dose of lip smacking Ilish Paturi, Ilish Bhapa, Ilish Barishali, Doi Ilish specially prepared by the master chefs.

Paintings by Abanindranath

Victoria Memorial Hall presents the exhibition of paintings by artist Abanindranath Tagore. The exhibition will be curated by Ratan Parimoo from the collections of Victoria Memorial Hall and Rabindra Bharti society.

Ali Baba

The Bengali play is based on the Arabian folk tale Ali Baba and Forty Thieves. Ali Baba and his elder brother Kasim stayed together after their father dies. Kasim married and a wealthy woman and got settled whereas Ali Baba married a poor lady and continued his profession as a wood-cutter.

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