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Buddha Bites

Kolkata is riding high on a new wave of popularity of Classic Chinese influences in their contemporary versions in recent times. Buddha Bites, yet again is an inspiring take off from a Buddhist monastery serving some Chinese classics in contemporary style.


Forum for Film Studies and Allied Arts and Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata presents Thrillomania, a thriller film festival. Six thriller films will be screened in three evenings featuring the most edge of the seat stories and eye catching screenplays.

Coastal Trek

Aura at The Sonnet Kolkata is celebrating Coastal Trek Food Festival thus highlighting vibrant spirit of the coasts of India.

Jai Baba Bidhunath

Antareep presents Jai Baba Bidhunath, that is based on Shirshendu Mukhopadyay’s short story. The play narrates the story of a village called Nischintipur which is free from all crimes and people lead their life in peace and joy.

Solo Exhibition By Rita Mitra

Stroll through the mesmerizing art works at Solo Show by Rita Mitra at the The Gateway. A graduate in art form Agra University, Rita Mitra has been passionate about designing and paintings.

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