Zapatlela 2 - 3D
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  • Synopsis The possessed and evil puppet Tatya Vinchu is hunting for his deceased ventriloquist creator Lakshya... ...more
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Critic Review

The possessed and evil puppet Tatya Vinchu is hunting for his deceased ventriloquist creator Lakshya Bolke's son - Aditya - in a bid to attain a human form. His journey takes him to Shrirangpur, where he spots Aditya enjoying at the local jatra (fair). Will Tatya succeed in his mission?

Critic Review

Moments of laughter, thrills and 3D effects is what you expect when you go to watch Zapatlela 2 and director Mahesh Kothare, who makes an appearance in this film too, ensures that he doesn't disappoint on any of these fronts. It's a light-hearted canvas, through which a chilling vein of villainy runs through - in the form of the puppet TatyaVinchu. Like in the first part, DilipPrabhavalkar's voice adds a chill to the proceedings. The film opens with a baba chanting mantras to breathe life into Tatya Vinchu. This gives you an impression that it's going to be a rather eerie fare. But, Z2 surprises you by taking you to a colourful village jatra (fair) that's happening at village Shrirangpur. And that's where a cute boy-meets-girl, romance happens between the film's lead pair of Aditya (Adinath Kothare) and the pretty looking Megha (Sonalee), even as ventriloquist Makya (Makarand Anaspure) tickles the funny bone with his variety of puppets including a Tatya Vinchu look alike. While Aditya has heard tales from his grandmother about Tatya's terror he always laughs it off. Till one day the real Tatya finds him in the fair and is after his life, literally. The rest of the film is a goofy and at times scary journey, but never ventures into spine chilling territory, which is what makes it a fun watch with family. In fact, the young Adinath Kothare carries the film on his shoulders with his zany charm, nervous energy and excellent cominc timing with fantastic support from the rest of the cast. However, there are parts in the film, which at times take you away from Tatya and therefore loosen the proceedings especially in the first half. But, those are just fleeting. To, the film's credit though there are lots of comic scenes and funny one-liners, which make the audience clap and burst into laughter. Haven't seen that in a long time! And the 3D effects? Well, we won't tell you when they come, but when they do they are enjoyable, done well and full credit to the director for not overdoing the 3D bit as it's easy to get carried away. Also, the comedy is controlled and doesn't go overboard. And finally, it looks like the Marathi film industry has got its very own hero - Adinath Kothare - he sure leaves a lasting impression and if the going gets better for M-town we'll be seeing a lot of him in the future! Reviewed by - Aparna Phadke, TNN

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