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The Beer Cafe

It is the only cafe in India that offers a range of 52 different brands from 17 countries. Quirky signages, useful tasting notes and suggested pairings all make for an interactive, informative and fun evening. Food at The Beer Cafe is an eclectic mix from around the world and some local favourites.

International Jazz Festival

The noted destination for the Indian jazz musicians, Shisha Cafe presents their three day annual jazz festival that will feature a number of jazz musicians from across the world. This is the perfect platform for the audience to experience funk, Afro, and Latin jazz by some of the most talented contemporary artists from around the world under one roof. This year, this festival will feature James Carter, John Di Martino, Yuri Honing, Doris Lavin, Carlos Bica, and Helen Sung.

Midival Punditz & Karsh Kale

Karsh Kale and The Midival Punditz, the big names of Indian underground music industry are coming to Euriska to rock the music lovers here. This is the opportunity to experience a whole new level of new age music and sounds that is being well-loved around the globe.

LIIT Festival

Hard Rock Cafe presents, The LIIT Festival, November's most high spirited binge session by offering seven different kinds of iced tea. On menu will be Texas Iced Tea, Boston Iced Tea, Raspberry Iced Tea, Channel Island Iced Tea, Long Caribbean Iced Tea, Long Peach Iced Tea and Long Island Iced Tea. Team them up with their lip smacking grubs such as HRC Bruschetta, Potato Skins, Hickory Smoked Chicken Wings, Paneer Shashlik and more. Price: Each drink is priced at Rs 435 exclusive of taxes

Romeo And Juliet

Romeo and Juliet, a tragedy about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families, is one of most popular and performed plays by Shakespeare. Broadway revives this eternal love story by changing the setting to contemporary times in which the warring Montague and Capulet families are of different ethnicities. Entry: Rs 150 and Rs 250

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