Top 10 Restaurants in Delhi

From the classics to buzzy newcomers, these are the 10 best Delhi restaurants you need to know about, right now. Whether you are peckish and want to eat something that hits just the right spot or you want to try some delicious local cuisine, there is a Delhi restaurant that will satisfy. Find the highest rated restaurants, read critic reviews, get menus, book a table and much more on Here are the best of them. Bon appetit!

Wasabi By Morimoto #1

Celebrity chef Masaharu Morimoto and the Taj group have collaborated to set up this restaurant. As much a modern Japanese restaurant as a showcase for Morimoto's own brand of flamboyant Japanese cuisine, it has some outstanding dishes on the menu. So, while the entire vegetarian menu has been done by the Taj, most of the menu consists of flourishes...more»

The China Kitchen #2

Located adjoining the swimming pool with an option of alfresco dining, The China Kitchen is one of the best places in town to have a Chinese meal. You may need to wait for a table but that is only indicative of the superlative food to follow. There are set menu options which are good value. The spinach pancakes may seem like an unusual recommendati...more»

Le Cirque #3

Le Cirque is amongst the top of the line fine dining restaurants in Delhi with an efficient, impeccable and professional service. The restaurant is spread over a vast area housing a wine cellar, a Bar, VIP Private Dining Rooms, VIP Dining cum conference room and also has a beautiful al-fresco option for a lovely weather. Le Cirque has off late, bec...more»

Dum Pukht #4

One of the finest restaurants of its kind in the country. Its new look goes well with the new menu: Both appear on the surface to have the patina of age, yet both conceal a surprisingly nouvelle touch. It shows in the decor that uses elements of mirror work on the arches and walls. The modern face of the food lies in the generous offerings for vege...more»

Diva The Italian #5

Diva keeps reinventing itself from time to time. The ground floor has now become a café like the one in GK I N-Block Market. This Diva café serves only Italian fare. It has a wood-fired pizza oven which does double duty for several dishes. Beetroot Carpaccio with Sesame Crusted Goat Cheese and Spaghetti with Seafood, Cherry Tomatoes and White Win...more»

Oh! Calcutta #6

The concept of selling Bengali food to Punjabis seemed ludicrous, until Oh! Calcutta came into being. The restaurant celebrates Bengali food and pays homage to its roots, albeit with a twist. The décor remind you of an old-fashioned Calcutta club, serving everything — Bangla Ranna, Raj cuisine and Muslim signature dishes. Even if you dislike Ben...more»

Cafe Diva #7

A name to reckon with in the culinary circles, Ritu Dalmia’s elegant trattoria with its own deli counter selling ingredients from the menu (ravioli, pesto, tsasiki and ciabatta) is polished space which makes it hard to believe you are in the middle of Delhi. An open kitchen, dark-glass shelves displaying olive oils, ingredients for cooking an Ita...more»

56 Ristorante Italiano #8

This restaurant aspires to great heights and the 56-foot-high (that’s the reported height!) ceiling is an indicator of this. Yet the best part of the restaurant is not its stylishness but Tiziano Ranieri, the Italian chef who presides over it. You’ll get Saltimbocca here and simple dishes cooked to perfection, from the south of Italy from where...more»

Diya #9

With an executive chef who is now a renowned television figure, Diya goes from strength to strength. They have a seasonal menu, so in the winter it could be Saag Meat and Sigri Kebabs. Gosht Seekh Husanara is an interesting take on a seekh kebab, with a coating of roasted almonds; a smoked silk thread is used to drop the kebab onto your plate. The ...more»

Indian Accent #10

They said that there is nothing new that can be done with Indian food, that even the most discerning diners will not appreciate modern twists to traditional recipes. Indian Accent proved them wrong, and how. There is no competition to this restaurant really, in the city or anywhere else. Chef Manish Mehrotra runs a tight ship, ensuring that quality...more»

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